Li Shuxia’s golden store what business highlights

most of the time, the two shops are often different, because the owners take different business strategies, leading to a store which has attract the consumer business highlights, Li Shuxia’s golden store is so many business highlights it in local popularity, business is hot, very popular with consumers!


store is a tobacco leaf tea of Nanjing road Shandong Qingdao Laixi City, shop for eight years, doing business is well known. The shopkeeper Li Shuxia calm and clear industrious virtuous. She told the author that the store was opened eight years ago. Autumn is the harvest season, is the golden season, she hopes to shop like autumn like fruits, so take the name of "gold leaf".

I recently followed Laixi City Bureau (Sales Department) manager Ma Qin ran several times the market, one of the store is most impressed by this shop. Attract the author, it is a lot of her home business highlights.

highlights: WeChat marketing. Li Shuxia set up a very early WeChat group, the establishment of a customer WeChat circle. Through the establishment of the WeChat group, to carry out consumer points, points for gifts and other activities to enhance the promotion of high-end goods market. Let the old and new customers to join WeChat group, what new products to the store, do not have one by one call, as long as the updated WeChat circle of friends, the group issued a notice, the customer will soon see.

at the beginning of this year, she also specializes in a two-dimensional code card. Every time a customer into the store, Li Shuxia will remind them to scan code plus group and focus on Qingdao tobacco public number. Once, a young customers to buy cigarettes, Li Shuxia greet him, he picked up the table card to sweep. The young customers want to buy a box of "Taishan" (New), the results are attracted by WeChat in the information, and the other to buy a box of "gold leaf" (Centennial Luzhou). "There are a lot of things like this!" Li Shuxia took out the phone to open the WeChat group to the author, WeChat marketing is really a good thing to adapt to the times! You see, these two days I was in the store to engage in lottery activities, the group of lively!"

highlight two: setting up leisure area. There are many large enterprises gold shops nearby, the horse will store location for business terminal, also suggested that Li Shuxia set the leisure area in the store. Placed in the leisure area tea, tea, customers can sit down to drink tea, chat, Li Shuxia also took the opportunity to introduce some new cigarettes or other goods. "Don’t look down on this table, a teapot, a fine cigarette is the market opened here." Li Shuxia happily told the author.

highlight three: visitors rest area. In September this year, the world leisure sports conference held in Laixi. For the tourism market, Li Shuxia wanted a special practice for tourists: set the tourist rest area. Li Shuxia placed in the shop at the table, chairs, umbrellas, to attract tourists to rest, into the store consumption. Free on the table