How to avoid the beauty cosmetics store crisis

beauty is the nature of every woman, for beauty, they are always willing to spend time and money and energy, also let the cosmetics become hot products, not in the business of cosmetics beauty shop has been Everything is going smoothly. will certainly encounter some of the crisis, but some people can cope with in the face of crisis, the development in the plight of the better however, some people have been hit from the crisis, unable to get up after a fall, could not climb up. In fact, this is the mentality of the problem. Here and we talk about how to avoid the operation of cosmetic beauty shop crisis.


consumer polarization leads to customer churn. High income consumers tend to choose the elegant environment of the high-end department stores, to enjoy the large department store shopping experience and beauty consultant service; middle income customers are more willing to accept the store image rich taste of the professional beauty salon all in one service; low income groups are often in a one-stop shopping, cheap discount the large and medium-sized supermarkets around, get a lot of benefits. Compared with the above types of stores, cosmetic beauty stores in all aspects have no advantage, the inevitable loss of customers.

customer trust crisis

In order to solve the

cosmetics shop franchise turnover decreased, some operators often take short-sighted sales price, price war chaos, although a slightly stable source, but it will not damage the entire cosmetics price system, and will significantly reduce the cosmetics store profits. In order to protect the franchise store profits, operators not instant success, or will operate shift to higher margin goods.

and recommend to customers vigorously on the quality do not fully understand the circumstances; or full of smuggled goods store, rely on cheap gifts, promotional tricks all the Decepticons and other means to induce emotional consumer random impulse buying. The final result can only be to allow customers to gradually learn rational consumption, loss of confidence in the industry as a whole, more and more away from the beauty shop.

when doing business difficulties is a very normal thing, the key is the better mentality, can not be intimidated by the difficulties, problems encountered in the operation is not terrible, terrible is the negative attitude of dealing with their own problems. The losers are not beat you, so they beat themselves, and we want to avoid operating cosmetics franchise crisis, it must maintain a positive attitude, take proper measures to deal with, so that we can sail.

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