What are the advantages of opening a hardware store

in almost any one neighborhood, we can easily see a few hardware stores, such a small hardware store can make money? If you want to open a hardware store, and what kind of advantage? In other words, the hardware industry than other industries have the following advantages:

1, is the business of life necessities, hardware units, a wide range of market demand, so as to ensure adequate and stable source, after the opening of sales growth and stability. Any person who has bought a bolt, bulb, plug, tap any experience, family, office, workshop, site, all walks of life need hardware goods, is a potential customer, so the customer is exceptionally large.

2 hardware, no seasonal restrictions, shelf life, preservation loss etc. the disadvantageous factor is almost negligible, operation accidents and loss of goods in the industry the lowest; most of the goods after a few years is still new, does not affect sales, the lowest loss of goods industry. After the sale of the product, the use of hidden dangers, the accident rate is low operating accidents less trouble.

3, hardware product variety, in addition to the needs of thousands of households, the real estate, building decoration, office buildings, factories and enterprises have large quantities of goods to the channel, a considerable prospect.

4, hardware industry, the higher the rate of increase, but also a lot of entrepreneurs are keen to choose one of the important reasons for dry hardware. If buy a pin a yuan of money; a lamp of a yuan of money; a plug one yuan sales prices no longer normal. The purchase price is only 2~3 cents cents; 4~5. The rate of increase as high as 100%~200% or more, with an average of more than 30%~40%, it is difficult to achieve this profit margins in other industries.

do not look at a hardware store and any grocery store, inside placed anywhere, buy a piece of the price is not high, but in fact, however, small hardware store profits together place, good business, relying on the rich hardware probability is very large. Therefore, if the venture capital, may wish to open a hardware store.