Shop management service to head

different times, people attach great importance to the degree of service, and in the current era of business, services can have a different impact on the operation of a store. So, shop management, service first, this will make the store better operation development.

one day, a customer to visit our store to a late pin of the goods, I am happy, casually said: "this product is good, famous brand, export to domestic sales; now we do not earn money, according to the purchase price for you." Customers do not agree: "how to sell things do not make money, I go out to earn money, we earn other people’s money is also afraid of other people to earn our money; since you do not make money, I would like to look at other stores." After listening, let me at a loss, the customer does not give face, I am very embarrassed. Think about it is also that the interests of the sale is that you do not make money, is a kind of disrespect for customers. To tell the truth, that is to make money, but earn less to think from the heart of your declaration, we store the benefits, perhaps that’s too blatant, cause trouble for the customer.

, however, many customers still want to hear a commodity the lowest price of the purchase price, to a good start. In order to retain customers, I often say, buy goods to goods than three, come to our shop and you may be, I buy your refund, we buy fake money. In today’s busy, there are a few goods than three; who bought a piece of goods, we look at a question and a chat, as long as he can get a little lower than him, even if you win.

in the business, you spent a lot of effort to introduce goods to customers, customers listened to, and do not oppose, just smile is not to buy. Ask peers boss, you have not mentioned their hearts to say that they are willing to take out their pockets, take the initiative to buy, you are successful. Hesitation is the customer’s psychology, only when compelling, they do not ask the price.

stick to customers and analyze customers in the consumer’s gain and loss in the look in my store business face to face their own experiences, to customers believing propaganda, to our trust, is a kind of good to attract repeat customers. Some customers, put down the money to send a pack of beer in the past; some customers call, to send two boxes of cigarettes; in fact, they can take their own, they do not, is enjoying your service.

they think, I came to your shop, you are my God, you have said in the store delivery commitments, of course is unconditional delivery, if you do not, I can consider to choose other stores. In the busy season, the customer of a hurry, let your heart clogging; or that sentence: "wait a moment, immediately to." Not for the sake of customers, we have to service for the sake, the same is a honest business attitude.

shop to buy some cigarettes and a lighter into a normal one, as long as you do not give, the customer will be against you, as well as gifts, "