Bengbu two learn to do study and education open

in our life a person wants to make progress constantly, we must continue to accept new knowledge, so learning is an eternal topic. "Wu, this is my last time to talk about learning materials, learning content to you." "Two do" education began, Wuhe County of Anhui Province, Bengbu City, the first town Huaicun villagers Wu Xueying often have the village Party branch home branch door — there sixty years a member of the Wu Xueying action inconvenience, unable to participate in the branch focus on learning, the village Party branch branch committee arranged each focus on learning, are timely learning content and requirements to give Wu Xueying, "one to one" counseling.

"in promoting the ‘two learning to do’ learning education, we always adhere to the classification guidance, focusing on effectiveness." Bengbu municipal Party committee assistant deputy secretary Wang Cheng introduced, according to the study and education for all the party members, the actual level and wide range, on the basis of summing up the municipal Party’s mass line educational practice and three strict three special education experience, to the grassroots innovation space set aside. The Party creatively used to "read, read, write, speak, check and change," as the main content of the "seven words" working method, differentiation, precise and specific guidance in all areas of grassroots party branches and carry out the study and education, and resolutely prevent across the board, flood irrigation, and effectively a the key to open a lock, "learning is the foundation, is the key to do" air plant.

, the city’s rural communities, agencies, institutions and other different fields using the content and requirements of Party branch of seven character work, combined with the actual development of the specific plan, classification and design platform, enrich learning forms, effectively promote grass-roots party organizations to use the "three class" and other basic system, carry out regular political party life.

community work directly with the people to deal with, only to learn to educate and serve the masses together, in order to achieve tangible results." Longzihu district Party committee secretary Yu Hong introduced to build a new community, community organization members visited the residents to solicit opinions, from door to door, and develop a personal rectification list etc. through the party service commitment, announced, carry out self correction activities.

Bengbu "two learn to do" study and education, to promote people’s learning is very beneficial, but also can effectively improve the quality of the masses. Bengbu second party is closely around the center of the school work, insist on learning education and teaching reform, teachers’ moral construction, business combination to enhance and improve the quality of teaching, and promote the work, to ensure the effectiveness of learning education. Bengbu three party outstanding problem oriented, combined with the hospital practice, change the leadership style of work, change the functions of the Department to change the execution, performance style, change the medical service mode, change the courtyard Rong Yuanmao, promote hospital center, better service for patients.

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