Join a successful entrepreneurship shop also need to take these three steps

a lot of people to join the entrepreneurial set up to achieve the dream of the heart, and want to set up a successful business owner when the real boss, investors have to consider the actual situation according to their own line. Including operating projects, market positioning, store size and store location, are important factors affecting the success of the operation.

a, positioning: consumer line popular

franchisees must first understand that joining is not a guarantee of profit.

to join the basic concept is the brand and the management of the experience of teaching, the franchisee because they do not understand the management of technology, so we want to join. That is, the layman, through short-term education, training and operational. However, to join in the short term from novice become proficient, operating techniques must be simple. As a convenience store, has been able to attract a large number of franchisees, it is because the operation technique is simple, as long as the clerk will use the cash register, goods will fill the shelves can, operation is very simple, the new staff always on-line quickly in the short term.

in addition, the product must also be popular consumer goods. Many people think that the shop selling goods must have a unique characteristic, be out of the ordinary, this concept is not wrong, but the concept is only suitable for shops, boutiques and shops. In other words, the specialty store is only applicable to the number of stores within a certain scale business model. Once the number of stores need to expand, increase the number of franchise, the goods can not be sold only to emphasize the uniqueness, and must be replaced by the popular consumer line, the product must be very popular.

two, the number of shop size:

not overdo sth.

an enterprise if you want to expand the franchise, you must achieve the economic scale of the chain, which is to open enough to join the store. Moreover, the headquarters of the franchise for each of the stores continued to charge the cost can not be too high. Therefore, the store must be more than the total amount of fees collected from the store can make headquarters self-sufficiency.

, however, the number of stores can not be too much. If the store opened more and more, then the scope of each store is bound to become smaller, it means that consumers will be less and less. Competitors have increased, but the consumer market has not increased with the increase in the number of stores.

at the same time, the store can not be like the consumer goods like regional restrictions, the chain of consumer groups can only be targeted at the vicinity of the store. If in this group of limited consumers, and then to catch some of the specific consumer object, the consumer population will become less. So, for the shop is too unique, or the uniqueness of the shop is too strong, it is not suitable to open too many stores.



good delineation of consumer groups