Sophomore boys Selling Online Cup achievements entrepreneurial dream

, a university student from Wuhan, by virtue of their own efforts, by selling cups on the web to start, after the hardships and tests, finally embarked on a successful career path, he said, his entrepreneurial path is not the Everything is going smoothly.

"open shop is not difficult, it is difficult to make money ah!" Hu Ziguang said with a smile, the first week to open his own shop, a teacup, did not sell, shop visits are very low. "I was so anxious that I couldn’t sleep." Though his sister in the shop, but the distribution from the cup brands there is also under the original capital of the.

under tremendous pressure, Hu Ziguang sit still, he thought a lot of ways, such as PPC, micro-blog WeChat promotion, Recruitment partners and distributors to join, and even some crooked trick "". "At the beginning, I put my name too close to some of the high visibility of the shop name, so you can attract some customers. I would also like to know on the site Baidu, their own questions about how to shop my product, and then use another number to answer, said the store is good."

Hu Ziguang absolutelybehave only will take "peibenzhuanyaohe" approach, the purchase price of 30 yuan a cup of tea, he sold only 35 yuan, but also lose money to dig freight. But Hu Ziguang did not expect is that this investment war in the most technical content of the price war, but unexpectedly earned enough popularity. Less than 1 months, his shop orders rose to about 50 per day.

"doing business or honesty!" this sentence is not Hu Ziguang’s words, he told reporters, after the old customers, 00 going to buy a few cups, slowly to Hu Ziguang’s service and product quality trust. By the end of last year, the customer suddenly told me to order 800 price of 100 yuan thermal cup, said the company Nian Qingjian