Guangdong Province in 2015 to start the list of students to start funded project announced

Guangdong has always been a good attraction for students studying abroad, because many students go out from Guangdong. Guangdong has 3 enterprises in the park has recently won the Guangdong venture capital, highlighting the importance of the study of talent and support.

3 project

2015, China Zhongshan overseas students entrepreneurship Park to high-end talent and the introduction of high-quality entrepreneurial projects focus on efforts to create a distinctive national level overseas students entrepreneurship park. Through the improvement of the incubator construction management work, to further improve the park service work, strengthen publicity and make full use of various Zhaocaiyinzhi platform to strengthen efforts to bring the project to make the park carrying capacity, attraction, comprehensive strength, the introduction of new high-tech enterprises 16, the introduction of overseas high-level personnel 27 people.