For the first time to start a business to open a flower shop how to operate

is a lot of people love flowers, beautiful things always give people a good mood, flowers in demand now is great, now the florist is common in everyone’s life, almost no far distance, you can find a flower shop. Why are there so many flower shops in the market? It is also because of the huge demand on the market, to see where the profits, many people are very much like to open a flower shop. There are many entrepreneurs who chose to open a flower shop. So, for the first time how to start a business to open a flower shop.

site selection: it is best to choose a large flow of people or the concentration of young people, such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers or neighborhood.

: the general area of a few square meters can rent lots vary, the most expensive gate, generally rent in more than 1000 yuan, and Simon residential area is relatively cheap, generally around 800 yuan.

input: remove the rent, decoration, the first to buy flowers, wrapping paper and other 3000 yuan, after the purchase of the daily cost of a few hundred dollars.

: varieties of azalea, lily, orchid, pineapple etc. but not the more the better, too busy to attend to all, to pay attention to fashion and season, especially on holidays, in addition to flowers and green plants, can operate a small jewelry, dried flowers, flower fruit basket "product mix", often by 800 yuan to 1200 yuan of flowers.

strategy: the small shop must be stylish, flaunt their own business philosophy; flexible pricing, can also print on petals or pattern etc.. In addition, you can contact the company, some units do big business, especially in hotels, studio and other places, can also join the online florist.

if you want to do this business if we hope the above small articles can help to everyone, for the first time entrepreneurs to open a flower shop, because there is no relevant experience, so many problems might not realize it. But for the first time on how to start a business to open a flower shop to introduce the operation, I hope you can give more friends want to open a flower shop to help, to earn a profit.

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