Daily topic barrage video website ushered in the spring AcFun won 50 million financing

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network August 10th news, last week (August 6th) the barrage video site AcFun (A station) announced the completion of $50 million A round of financing, the current round of financing by Youku potatoes group lead investor, all the funds have been in place.

worth mentioning is Youku potatoes before the investment AcFun, the two sides have up to six months hostile". In March this year, Youku potatoes sued A station infringement. The copyright issue is a troubled barrage site. This time Youku potatoes investment A station is also considered a handshake.

A station is the earliest Chinese barrage video website, founded in June 2007. In the field of domestic barrage video site, AB station as two of the most famous is often at the same time. In the field of AcFun and BiliBili barrage site, all occupy a certain market share, are collectively referred to as "AB station". And now there are Youku potatoes involved, the two will undoubtedly be a competitive pattern to break again.

in fact, starting from the two sites started, AB station’s core audience and functional features. B is defined as the first station of the two dimension video website for otaku, while the A station besides video, articles and comments is a highlight, "comments the body is column content level high, comparable to micro-blog’s" Japanese cold tucao". But after several years of development, the first company to operate the B station, the flow has been better than the A station. It is reported that B recently also received a small financing, preparing a big but B officials did not disclose the news station.

for the barrage website, the copyright issue has been one of the major problems of the site, in the position of the barrage site and AcFun alongside B station BiliBili has suffered because of copyright issues, Iqiyi Betta and many other video network company sued. The financing of the AcFun can help them better resolve copyright disputes, add more diversified copyright content, and further expand the leading edge in the industry.

Youku potatoes Group Chairman and CEO Victor Koo said Youku potatoes group will mobilize the brand and capital advantage, for the A station to provide adequate bandwidth and traffic support, and more diversified copyright content. And, in the future, and A will stand in the homemade animation drama, IP all aspects of the development of the industry chain to carry out in-depth cooperation. AcFun said that in the future will be committed to providing better quality and experience for ACG enthusiasts.

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