North Korea officially blocked Facebook Twitter YouTube and other sites

according to foreign media reports, officially announced the YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, shielding some of South Korea before the North Korean government website. Anyone who tries to "visit" them in an "unfair" way or disseminate "anti Republic data" from them will be punished. At present, only a handful of North Koreans can access a government approved internal network.


is understood that North Korea’s main mobile service provider Koryolink in his place to provide services to users, posted the announcement of the DPRK Ministry of Posts and telecommunications. In the announcement, the North Korean government specifically referred to the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the voice of America and the Korean media website, said it would be in a period of time to shield these sites. In addition, the announcement also said gambling and sexual and adult website has been blocked.

currently, only a handful of North Koreans can access the internet. North Korea’s current leader, Kim Jeong-eun, is said to be an Internet enthusiast, and he appears to be a loyal user of apple. Last year, he was photographed working at a desk, a table placed on a iMac.

Under normal circumstances, North Korea’s ordinary people can only be called a "

" (Kwangmyong) of the interconnection of North Korea – North Korea as early as 2000 to complete the construction of the network. The site is run by Koryolink, a state-owned Internet service provider, which can browse state funded media sites, with about 5500 websites on the internet.

in North Korea, the use of local computer engineers to develop their own "Red Star" system. "My country" (Naenara) is the "Red Star" system using a web browser and Firefox browser, it almost has been modified, but. People can use it to find "the voice of North Korea", "Labor News" and the like. The browser and the English version.

2013, North Korea decided to allow foreigners in the country to use the 3G network on the phone, generally need to apply for a local SIM card, in order to access the local mobile operator Koryolink network. At present, there are about more than 2 million Korean people use mobile phone, but the Internet is generally limited to a small part of the officials and technical personnel or other special approval, and is usually under close supervision to the internet.

this shield makes people believe that North Korea’s Internet regulation is being strengthened, however, Instagram has not been included in the official website of the list of blocked, still running.