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Admin5 webmaster network reported that if you have 10 thousand yuan of money, you will choose low interest bank? Or to invest in the stock market or low-spirited fund? If someone recommended an annual revenue of 15%~20% investment, is not that exciting? In recent years, P2P networks loans increasingly prosperous, this is known as the "personal existence of the individual" private lending mode in the virtual world, in the corner of grey secretly growing. Until June of this year, gold loan official Juankuan run away incident outbreak, just opened a corner of the layers of shady iceberg.

P2P net loan puzzle: Gold loan volume gains of 20% high risk

reservoirs run away

so-called P2P network loans, refers to the individual through the network platform to borrow each other, the lender on the P2P website to release the loan demand, investors will lend money to the borrower through the site. In foreign countries, P2P net loan has been very popular, which was originally seen as a can effectively solve some micro lenders demand financial supplement mode, but in China, but out of shape.

in this P2P lending transactions, the lender to obtain funds, investors get investment income. Platform assessment of borrowers’ qualification, matchmaking, matchmaking of private lending. Since 2009 the rise since Chinese has hundreds of large and small P2P net loan platform, there are more famous ten, such as venture capital Hongling, everyone enrichment, pat loans, peer-to-peer lending, e speed loan etc..

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P2P net loan puzzle: Gold loan volume gains of 20% high risk

reservoirs run away

net loan platform self P2P: site for total financing billions of dollars

Rong Rong as a third party net loan platform, its function was originally neutral and impartial audit of loan demand and loan qualification. If it is the use of their own platform for borrowing, P2P net loan platform can be completely neutral?]

is not so much Rong Rong online is a P2P loan platform as it is a financing platform." A P2P net loan company executives told the first financial daily "financial" reporters. Since the establishment of P2P net loan company, the person in charge of Liu Zhijun is the largest borrower.

According to

Sheng Rong online data released by the official Liu Zhijun (Chengrong account tonyliu) since November 19, 2010 has issued 72 loans, the cumulative borrowing principal 119 million yuan, 9 million 924 thousand and 600 yuan still has not.

"if you count some of the other unknown accounts belonging to tonyliu, but also more than this number." An industry source told reporters.

after the reporter explained the intention of the text messages, Liu Zhijun first reply said contact reporters later, after two days, reporters repeatedly call Liu Zhijun phone are no answer.