Taobao upgrade luxury rectification plan to clean up substandard goods over 2 million


s Ba Pauley with "," Adidas new 100-lun skateboard shoes "and" GUCCI $short brown bag"…… For a long time, consumers in the Taobao search for goods, will always encounter the above multi brand mixed or variant brand name of goods. Such a stack of words on the one hand to mislead the consumer goods brand, but also against the interests of the brand side.

May 17th, Taobao announced to upgrade the "fake equipment", the infringing goods from passive acceptance to extend to the active control field. What are the characteristics of this series of new regulations can be effectively implemented with these questions, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of the prevention and control of Taobao fake project leader.

cleanup over 2 million substandard goods

as Taobao infringement governance team leader Mingxuan and his colleagues, the core work is the perfect platform to reduce rules, on the platform of the infringing goods and businessmen complaints.

Taobao and other Ali’s platform, has been for the goods and sellers have detailed rules and regulations. With the changes in laws and the environment, the rules of the platform need to be improved. But in the development of the Taobao product release strategy, not simply release a rule description, but the introduction of a sound mechanism to identify problems can also solve the problem. It needs to solve the problem of law, business, technology, communication, and need time to verify and summarize." Yang said.

in May 2016, Taobao has released the Taobao luxury brand merchandise rectification notice, the infringing goods release end interception notice. In accordance with the new regulations, the seller issued or edit some of the luxury brand goods, the need to upload the relevant documents of the goods, such as invoices, shopping malls purchasing small ticket, brand authorization, etc..

In addition to direct

for goods, business qualification audit, Taobao new regulations have been refined to the title of the commodity management. For the commodity title, subtitle, attribute, if the sign of brand and the actual sale of goods does not match the brand (standard is not a brand, the word will be blocked, stack) released. At the same time, the existence of substandard goods will be under the shelf.

to this end, the platform management team spent several months to optimize the structure of large data algorithms, to rectify the infringement on the internet. At present Mingxuan said the project to promote more smoothly. From the beginning of March, has been under the framework of 2 million substandard goods."

requires strict control of business line

technology, rules have gradually landed, but the hardest work has just begun. After the release of the new rules, from the consumer to the brand, including legitimate business businesses have given some recognition, at the same time, Mingxuan and his team, almost immediately felt from the brand side more urgent demand for cooperation, let him feel the pressure pressing, such as shoe ice.

in the luxury rectification notice issued less than a week’s time, there are many well-known brands to find Mingxuan, rigorous in its category.