After playing the video site is a video interactive community

recently, by the national pornography working group office, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security and other departments in the country to carry out a unified "anti pornography – net net 2014 special action. With this campaign, in a few days ago Sina revoked two licenses; Nora was investigated for alleged dissemination of pornographic and pirated content, and received 200 million yuan price of the relevant departments of Shenzhen fine two representative of the Internet Co, the two is only the case, and in the domestic gun in yellow and many Internet Co. Internet Co, after the video station, the next target of special action will rectify what kind of business?

9158 home screenshot

today, the industry rumors, YY, 9158 and other domestic video interactive community will become a national "anti pornography" action is the focus of the next wave of consolidation of enterprises. Although the 9158 aspects in the Tencent and Sina have issued a statement denied, but, There are no waves without wind., this sudden rumor, whether it is true? For now, it is unknown to us, appeared together to wait for the results.

extended reading: 9158 voice denied that the rectification was said to crack down on the spread of pornographic information dissemination of the 9158 denied rumors that the crackdown is to crack down on pornographic information dissemination