Not speculation or death website promotion hype way

speculation in today’s society, it is not a rare concept, former star speculation; in recent years, with the development of the Internet, all the hype events began with the network platform, of course, all the website itself speculation. In fact, many of the current portal of science and technology news hype suspected. Facts have proved that the operation of the site is more successful speculation, the effect is better than the various types of advertising. So some people propose a sentence that is the true saying for the website, not speculation, or death. Of course, this sentence has exaggerated suspicion, but it fully illustrates the operation of a website, the hype for the importance of promotion. Based on this, this article for everyone to talk about the promotion of personal speculation on the site.

hype is soft

hype is to have something to fry, this thing can be a video, a news, a post, or a picture, an event. These things, all can be used as the hype ontology, that is to say, we have to speculation, speculation is this thing, let everyone see, talk and communication is these things. However, since it is in order to promote the site, it must be to do a little, it is not your body what it is, it must be reminiscent of the website, and it is natural to associate your website, so most people after watching you ready for them in the body, will be considered login to your site to see. This is the so-called "soft" meaning, many webmaster friends know where the soft soft soft, soft is a reason, but not the soft, news, events, video is soft, the so-called soft, this is not a pure body advertising, which is a more objective third all the things, Never mind seemingly and website, but is actually made in order to promote.

full of gimmicks, is speculation, but most people can not see

is a gimmick free post, news, video or any other kind of body, it is impossible to speculation successfully, even if you are hired tens of thousands of the network Navy, the body does not produce what the explosive impact. The so-called gimmick, can be understood as a topic, can also be understood as fun, in short, is to be able to arouse the majority of people’s interest and desire to discuss. For example, a post, if there is a gimmick, after seeing ordinary people have you desire, then he might mention this post and others; another example of a video, after seeing ordinary people have reproduced elsewhere desire, then, this video will be over and over again. Many people may think that this is very difficult, but in fact, many of the SNS website, share a variety of video N people every day, articles and pictures, since we have the desire to share, why can’t we hold you desire to create such a let them meet the desires of the body have a gimmick,? Someone will transfer, the key is whether we can create a gimmick things out. But there’s a little bit of attention