Ma Yun disclosed the privatization cause B2B faces two major difficulties in urgent need of transfor

Nandu news reporter Xie Rui Intern Wang Runzhu cost HK $19 billion, Alibaba (micro-blog) network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ali B 2B) last month announced that it would soon withdraw from the HKEx stage. The day before, the company C E O MA (micro-blog) issued a letter to shareholders in the Ali B 2B announced the company’s annual report, at the shareholders understanding privatization decision, and said the company will change, determined to continue privatization.

Ma Yun mentioned Ali B 2B facing the plight of the company in the letter: increasing the exchange rate, raw materials and labor costs, the debt crisis and the slow recovery of the U.S. economy leads to weak foreign demand, small and medium-sized enterprises difficult to survive; on the other hand, at the beginning of last year because of "bad faith suppliers" event, lost the lead the growth of listed companies four years of chief executive Wei Zhe (micro-blog) and chief operating officer of Mr. Li Xuhui, the company’s business development was affected.

Ma Yun believes that Ali B 2B business only comprehensive transformation and upgrading, it is possible to ensure sustainable development, so the company decided to privatize. In addition, the letter also mentioned that the upgrade involves a wide range of business, the system is complex, the scale of the Alibaba’s earnings for the next few years will certainly have a greater impact, which may affect the interests of shareholders."

2011, Ali B 2B annual revenue grew 15.5% to RMB 6 billion 420 million yuan, net profit of RMB 1 billion 710 million yuan, an increase of 16.6%, but its company paid members fell by 5.4%.