How difficult is the Marketing Forum

in this era of network development, with the maturity and development of social media, promote the rise of word of mouth marketing.

forum marketing as the most important marketing channel of modern word of mouth marketing, it is necessary to discuss separately. At present the network influence forum is gradually strong, but in network marketing, many enterprises do not know how to do because the forum marketing, and blind to do, and often touch the forum marketing "minefield" did not reach the expected result of the marketing effect, but also has damaged the image of the enterprise how to! To do word-of-mouth marketing


forum has been there for many years, and in China to play to the extreme, which also makes a lot of business managers mind – network marketing


forum is the theme as the core, all the contents are classified according to subject, the user first needs to select a love theme, and then discusses the opinions, can be understood as a simple forum, like assembly line, is presented as a production of various parts of the product line. The amount of view is quite large!

forum marketing is feeble Wen? This is totally wrong. Forum marketing is not a soft Wen can be completed, which includes the early market and audience analysis positioning, the interim post and guide and post maintenance and information feedback.


in network marketing, I come to a conclusion: each marketing idea may be different, but also attract a completely different crowd. Each marketing means has its own unique characteristics, the target user is almost no overlap, if you want to get involved in all the social media users. According to the characteristics of the company’s products and the characteristics of the target user groups and marketing needs, select the most appropriate marketing strategies and media, to plan the most suitable marketing.

forum marketing, in order to make their products to information in various forums, and is in the top, the essence of a forum to improve their sales. But how to make their own product information has been the forum? This is a headache for people! In fact, if you really understand the forum marketing, does not need to spend so much energy in the forum, can use third party platform to give you! Bo Yang BBS promotion platform is a one-stop a pomg Bo Yang Qibo technology under the name of integrated marketing platform ( one of the functions of the forum marketing, he can choose the forum message posting, replies against irrigation, plus essence, top.