300 e commerce sites peer gathering in Shanghai

a pure e-commerce exchanges between peers, e-commerce sites gathered in Shanghai


1. good
2. logistics distribution business e-commerce website how to manage
3. how to do e-commerce website marketing


(www.unips.com.cn) is a professional e-commerce distribution service provider, through freight hotline (4008881556), the dispatch of the goods logistics network platform and gateway to help all kinds of e-commerce enterprise security, economic, convenient, and provide tracking, real-time query, payment collection, safety control and accident handling service.

activity time: August 25, 2007 (Saturday) at 1 p.m.

Venue: Shanghai No. 178 Taixing Road (Nanjing West Road Wujiang Road) Ruitai Hotel 3 floor ballroom

traffic routes: Taixing road is located in Shanghai Jingan District Nanjing West Road and Wujiang Road intersection, Wujiang road traffic to any line can be reached, such as the metro line two Shimen Road exit, 18 road, 24 Road, 36 and so on.

activity scale: 200 ~300 people (this meeting will control the number of people on the spot)

participants: 1) online registration, 2) site registration, 3) telephone registration, 4) E-mail registration

recommended online registration: http://s.www.chinawsw.com/baoming/ or http://s.www.unips.com.cn/baoming/

registration deadline: August 25, 2007 12:45 (site registration)

fee: free

Tel: 021-22818169 Mr. Zhao 021-22818603 Mr. Zhang 021-51703>