Flow is not the king of valuable traffic is king

      the current threshold for personal websites is getting lower and lower, but at the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult to make profit through the website.

      after 07 years is over half, what personal website what to do?

      I analyzed it and thought that if you’re going to do it right now, you’re going to be rich.

      1) a lot of people on the website of the people who have said that the English website in a good direction. GG English price is good, and I think you do English website should not do so for the purpose of ggads. Or look at your ability, for example, you can do a lot of domestic exports of products, you do this extension, and then accumulate a part of the user, so that the value of your traffic is very valuable.

      2) local portal, it means you put something up energy into your familiar, to turn him into a boutique, the more easily do fine things.

      3) or e-commerce, do this resource is very important, as well as marketing is very important, and now is the product can not find, there is no fear of the market there is no product.

      hurry up to write something, hoping to be of some use.