WeChat city service Make an appointment to recruit from WeChat one click fix

recently, the Tencent WeChat again perfect function, "city entrance service" has been open, make an appointment to the vehicles examined, from Hong Kong and Macao endorsements, and even the real road, recruitment service query and so on guards are on the line, Guangzhou has become the first WeChat "city service" into the mouth, it is understood, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places will follow up, on the line, in addition, the city has more preparation line.

public account has brought great convenience to our lives, but taking into account the user needs is common in many aspects, now WeChat launched the "city" will buddies usually need to use the function of all these scattered together.

Guangzhou is the first early adopters of "city service" WeChat "smart city", although today’s great haze, but WeChat "city entrance service" are easy to find. Scan two-dimensional code will be able to directly enter the Guangzhou city services.



At present, Guangzhou City [

] has been included, medical service, traffic management, traffic police, immigration, household registration, education, fund payment 16 livelihood services. Internal reliable news: follow-up function is still expanding, that is, life will be more convenient later!


now, small partners, are you ready to take you to open a small city service experience tour?

medical services small partners in the body is not timely, do not force to go to the hospital queuing registration, after a long wait. Directly through the city service (hospital registration) entrance to find the relevant hospital, according to the guidelines to fill in the relevant information can be registered online booking service.


certificate service certificate service including Hong Kong and Macao endorsement again and ID card business booking, booking business immigration forum. Directly into the relevant entrance can handle. Through the WeChat entrance reservation, greatly saves time, such as for the WeChat platform identity card business booking service, service center will help you set aside a number, so you don’t have to queue up in the past, directly for good.

other services, other services include motor vehicles, motor vehicles, vehicle annual ticket kuaiche claims, illegal conduct, housing business appointments, and even marriage business booking, name query, real traffic neonatal and other livelihood service! A warm sweet


the real traffic function is both practical and fun. [real] entrance into the road, there are various Guangzhou city trunk road condition information. As long as the choice of regions and the section you want to query, real-time traffic will be able to see the road, the road to good horses, is not very NB

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