Turn left turn right Baidu in the end turn there

Baidu is not from the search portal to the commercial portal transformation? When others are very serious about this question, I feel a bit unprepared. After all, we are not the people of Baidu, we can not understand the true idea of Baidu. Even Baidu people, do not necessarily know the true idea of Baidu. This is the truth. But our words are still valuable.

because we all see, the expansion of Baidu, the continuous expansion. It’s not necessarily because Baidu has a big ambition to search, it’s a constant "bigger" or "more money" intrinsic demand driven by Baidu, is constantly moving forward. The stock price is higher, the business needs to make money, the field is wider…… Which one does not require Baidu to continue to open source it?

Baidu River along the Internet to find, looking downstream, along the river to find. All can make money or valuable place, Baidu will leave footprints, if the requirements of profit to this step. From 75% to 65% of the retreat, while in the expansion, but Google, YAHOO, Sogou, Youdao, ruthlessly tore a mouth or piecemeal harassment. Baidu expansion in the search has been unable to tap into more wealth in the short term. There must be more to wait for Baidu to go, only this way.

Baidu is not from the search portal to the commercial portal transformation? Do search portal, or do business portal, the distinction is not very important. Do pure, if cannot be recognized by investors, in vain. To gain recognition, Baidu should not only be on the Internet search professionals should also be.

turn left or right, Baidu to turn? Once stepping into the Internet, if you stick to the corner, Baidu is not Baidu. But Baidu expansion, search is always its foothold. Even if it has the characteristics of more commercial portal, it still has to be positioned as a search portal, and stick to each person’s mind.

so, we can conclude:

1, Baidu is the search portal.

2, Baidu continues to expand profit margins.

3, and then the big Baidu, but also Baidu. Baidu = search will not be easily changed from the minds of the people.

4, every Internet Co in the development to a certain extent, in fact, are facing Baidu this situation is due to the constant expansion and being judged to be stuck with all kinds of speculation. A small fishing boat is not worthy of attention, but a large aircraft carrier, in any case, are worth a few eyes, say a few words.

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