After 90 Fuding young man into a hacker led to the website was paralyzed prosecution

only junior high school culture, 90, Fuding Ji Young Lin using the software to attack a number of cities in the site, resulting in a number of sites can not be normal access. After the site was paralyzed, he contacted the site by QQ extortion. The day before, Fuzhou Gulou District People’s Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of destroying computer information system of Lin prosecution.

, 21 year old Lin has been unemployed, in August 2010, he visited a few hackers on the Internet after the exchange of the site, interested in hacking technology. After Lin even joined a QQ exchange group, the group from time to time someone to communicate how to attack, and then extort money from others. Lin even feel so quick to money, school a few strokes.

April 2011, the use of forest to learn technology, hacking software through a public network in Anhui, Mount Huangshan, causing the site 24 hours can not be accessed. The first test is successful, in August of that year, Lin Fuzhou attacks a versatile Web site, the site can not normally access. Later, Lin and QQ through the website contact, request the other party to send 2000 dollars to the Alipay account, finally Lin was paid 1000 yuan. Since then, Lin crazy crime. Just six months, Lin recruitment network, convenience network, real estate network, talent network, a total of 14 sites to attack, causing the site can not be normal access. At the beginning of November 2011, Lin through similar means to attack Shaanxi a Xianyang talent network, the site of 5000 yuan of attempted extortion. November 8th, Lin was arrested by public security organs.

Lin said that when the crime, from the network on a randomly selected site, after the success of the attack site, contact the person in charge and through the QQ website, request the other party to pay, otherwise it would not stop the attack. For the amount of extortion, general price 2000 yuan. Since the use of cyber attacks, a total of fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan has been squandered.

Gulou District, Fuzhou procuratorate believes that Lin violated the provisions of the state, the interference of computer information systems, resulting in the site’s computer information system can not run normally. Currently, Lin has been Gulou District procuratorate to prosecute the crime of destroying computer information systems.

prosecutors warning, in this case the perpetrator is by way of software attack site is illegal crime blackmail and impose exactions on, robbery and criminal activities in the network. In the face of the impact of the network society, for the young people into the society, should always grasp their own, not be tempted by the interests of crime prevention.

(Fuzhou political news network Xu Cong correspondent Shen Yuanzhang,)