Easy to believe the public platform scanning cottage No

news September 26th, the opening of the public platform of the letter is easy to quickly absorb the enterprise and individual user accounts settled in the early September. Latest news shows that easy to believe the public platform account has exceeded 6000. The day before the learned billion state power network is part of the business enterprise in the public number easecredit platform, that account has a "copycat" and "zombie" status.

At present in the

, easy to believe the public platform can search to "taobao.com", "Tmall", "jumei.com", "shop No. 1", "Jingdong" and "mogujie.com" and "public comment" business class public account. But in addition to mogujie.com, the public numbers are in the zombie state, that is not a conference push any information.


addition, billion state power network verification, shop No. 1, Jingdong, dianping.com had not been easy to believe in the public platform open public accounts, therefore, these accounts are being registered "copycat no.".

in addition to the cottage number, as well as most of the electricity supplier number in the zombie state


It is reported that

, although the letters have specialized staff responsible for auditing public number of applicants, but have not set up the official certification system, therefore prone to the public, "pass" situation.

in addition, from the current situation, the number of electronic business platform providers registered public letter number is much easier than the brand. The more active in the WeChat electricity supplier brands starry, Septwolves, Liebo, NOP, Meng Jie textile were not easy to believe in the registered public no..

also has a more active business letter in the letter of credit, such as the Southern Airlines public number has opened a custom menu. Users can customize the menu for pearl members binding, ticket booking, order inquiries and other operations.

Southern Airlines easy letter public number is currently enabled custom menu


public reports show that easy to believe the public platform on the line for a week or so, easy letter official announced the total amount of public accounts reached 3000, while the latest news that the public account has been easy to break through the 6000.