New progress in the development of the camera to take pictures Ministry of industry announced the ph

May 6th afternoon, after a lapse of 3 months, the site for the record owners concern must take pictures with the latest progress of verification. Ministry of industry and the Ministry of Public Security announced today that the original picture of the background and the use of the camera to take pictures. This shows that the Ministry of industry has been the site for the record to be included in the work of the owners of the agenda.


photo background use figure


photo background original figure

in February this year, the Ministry announced the "further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice, notice stressed the site responsible person shall I carry Id original materials, access to the service unit for the record for verification procedures, and provide color full faced photo.

is not out of date to today, a lot of IDC agents said, and did not begin to ask the site to the site to record.

experts differ. Senior million Swiss data Internet industry analyst Ming believes that the webmaster record increase photo project, will be under the effective control of yellow and other illegal websites, but this record mode will only increase the enthusiasm of medium-sized website. But in the long run, will effectively regulate the industry, purification industry, but the camera system has yet to be improved. Experts also said that this will cause great inconvenience to the webmaster, the collection of photos may be handed over to the domain name agents, will cause personal information security risks.