Everyone film shut down the past the United States Film Association was named


has shut down the storm, everyone in the film yesterday morning officially announced the closure. In its official web page, everyone in the film: "if you continue about to speak, but saying nothing will fall into more trouble", and said that the future will continue to provide translation services for legitimate business, it may become a discussion community for lovers to exchange. After the news, many fans also said the site is not without sorrow, "the subtitle group" the end of the era.

event early clues

stop from time to time less than one month

Since November 22nd after the

stops, everyone in the film’s fate has touched the hearts of American TV fans. After a week or so, there are friends found that everyone has a short film and television web site can be re visit, the media after the inquiry found that everyone may be through the outside of the TV server resurrection". But the good times don’t last long formally announced the closure of the site, yesterday.

yesterday morning, everyone through the web page and official micro-blog announced the official farewell. In the farewell, everyone said, I am very sorry to inform you that the official closure of the film and television, we need to have the era has gone, there is a better way to replace us. Thank you for so many years we have been supporting us, if you continue to fear that I will be in trouble, I hope you can understand. Perhaps we will continue to provide translation services for the legitimate business, it may be transformed into the form of discussion community to give you a place to exchange, please look forward to".

after the news, many fans of the site have the post express feelings of separation: "everyone off the caption group die, this is not already don’t need your time!" "I don’t know how many people read the translation by your American drama, drama, English drama and open class, the harvest of new value view, change the trajectory of life, you are really great, if the selection of the past ten years of China the younger generation the greatest impact ‘people’, you fully deserve."

reproduction remediation determination

to avoid the outside limit order piracy again

the end of the film and television sites, coupled with the closure of the previous shooter, once again shows the management of the network on the issue of foreign drama copyright attention. It is reported that, as early as in October 27th, the American Film Association announced a worldwide survey of audio and video piracy report, the report referred to the name of the middle point of the copyright of the film and television sites. But at the end of October, all subtitle station micro-blog official said, because the website is copyright pressure at the end of November, will completely remove all copyright free download link resource.

everyone in the film the farewell symbolism, also let many users began to worry about the future, where to go to the u.s.. In this regard, insiders said that with the next year’s overseas drama management more standardized and strict, I will watch TV, including drama, drama overseas channels will indeed be narrowed, the content will not be like the past rich. Especially in the window to watch the video website of legal administration, has mandated that next year, overseas.