The 2017 annual Baidu top 500 global brands Google ranked first in BAT out of apple dropped out of t

technology company’s brand value rise is generally larger, the top 10 have 8 are technology companies.


recently, the British professional consulting organization "BrandFrinance" launched the 2017 annual list of the top 500 global brands, the list shows that Google overtake Apple brand won the first list, Amazon ranked third, and three in BAT, Ali and Tencent rankings are rising rapidly, only Baidu fell seriously.

data show, Brand Finance is a brand value and strategy consulting firms, will assess the global thousands of well-known brands every year, and at the annual Brand Finance Global 500 "report lists the most valuable brand.

the selection criteria is to "a company does not have the same brand would like to pay for the calculation of value, selection of dimensions including public familiarity, loyalty, promotion, marketing investment, employee satisfaction and corporate reputation, future earnings belonging etc..

in the list, and the company’s brand value rise is generally larger, the top 10 have 8 are technology companies.

at the top of the Google brand value increased from $88 billion 200 million in 2016 to $109 billion 500 million; in is Google replaced after Apple’s brand value fell to second place, from $145 billion 900 million last year to $107 billion 100 million, fell 27%; ranked third in the Amazon, ranking the same as last year, the brand value from last year the $69 billion 600 million dollar increase to 106 billion 400 million.

Brand Finance wrote in the report, "Google has no rival in the search business, while Apple overdraft users’ trust, Apple Watch and other new products have not been able to bring a lot of revenue, does not prove that it is in the development of innovative technology. The apple brand lost its luster, in addition to the old rival Samsung, and HUAWEI, it must also be a plus mobile phone manufacturers Chinese technology compared to the same stage."

in addition to the top three, ranked in the top ten technology companies are also AT& T, Microsoft, Samsung, Verizon, Facebook, the brand value of $87 billion, $76 billion 300 million, $66 billion 200 million, $65 billion 900 million, $62 billion.

In addition, Brand Finance in the release of the brand value of the top 500 list, there are 55 Chinese companies listed in the


, China Mobile, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China Construction Bank, bank, Sinopec, Alibaba, Chinese China petroleum, agricultural bank, HUAWEI, Tencent, China building, China Telecom, China Merchants Bank, Jingdong and WeChat.

among them, science and technology companies in turn have China Mobile, Alibaba, HUAWEI, Tencent, China Telecom, Jingdong and WeChat, ranked 11