The difference between Tencent and Ali are as different as scholar and bandits

Abstract: Alibaba is a wolf company name, copy several Bible, "Ali Ali dialect" to everyone you know: life is not collapse in the toss, toss, toss in Nirvana! With the fear of failure, not hard to fail again…… The culture of Tencent Inc is not the same, the whole company is very polite.


not long ago, the merger with Uber, a lot of people began to discuss the feelings of the problem, they said: China’s Internet has once again defeated U.S. rivals, feeling like a rural base to buy kfc. Author Lu Shushen believes that this is not just a feeling, feelings are behind the reality, people always see each other on the business, too, so this is a group of people not see another person’s story behind this is related to the enterprise gene and team temperament. Today, we live in an era of confusion of values, at the end of the article, the author said: "in the world of tolerance, tolerance, no trickle. Would like to live, to see so."


and UBER, subsidy war, merger, rumor, rumor, rumor, rumor and really complicated. As in the past two years Chinese Internet merger drama, drops + fast, America group + comments, where to Ctrip + 58+ + said the fair, beautiful……

friends have said that the merger of drops and UBER means that China’s Internet subsidy war ended.

I said, do you not see the hungry PK in U.S.? Don’t you see the easy to back the music, Shenzhou car backed by Lenovo? Don’t you see Youku potatoes now backed by Ali, Iqiyi, Tencent, Sohu, Baidu video video is still alive? And home distribution, short rent, medical, Internet financial…… Vendors are also sharpening Zhuyang


in fact, business and the survival of the biological population is a reason. Each vendor wants to seize an industry niche, with this niche, their enterprises to develop healthily.

where there is niche overlap, where there is competition, there is a loss and subsidies, the last one dead one injury, or merger.

this is a big topic, and can involve a lot of business, the team, and even the topic of human nature. Through this topic, some people are talking about the feelings of the merger of drops and UBER".

they said: China’s Internet once again defeated U.S. rivals, feeling like a country based acquisition of Kentucky Fried chicken.

also said, "don’t give the world to us".

sister asked me, always talking about the feelings of people is not a bit too charming.

I said, in fact, the reality behind the feelings. People can’t see each other.

entrepreneurship, is a collection of similar and similar people. So this >