China domain name consisting of national beta

newspaper news (reporter Yang Yong) yesterday, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) announced that with all Chinese and domain name registration services, network access service providers to start ". China" DNS national open test activities, in order to do ". The connection and transition before and after China" officially opened to the global domain work.

in April 27th to May 10th the national beta period, 300 million users can be provided through the CNNIC website, and all Chinese domain name registration services website beta survey entrance to participate in this event, the local feedback. Analytical China "domain name, domain name Chinese experience brings new Chinese Internet experience. At present, Sina has completed the "Sina. Chinese", "Sina," Sina company ". Analysis of the network configuration and Chinese domain, and will be in the home and other significant position to hang out the entrance, and guide users to participate in the test. Earlier, the Ministry of industry has issued a document requiring major Internet institutions to do, China and other Chinese domain name analysis support work to support the application and popularization of Chinese top-level domain name. CNNIC relevant responsible person said, the beta ". To research the deployment of Chinese analytical domain, provides the reference for the departments to formulate policies and prepare for the formal application of China domain.

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                                        look forward to the "China" domain name era coming


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