Jingdong realized a new channel nvolved in the establishment of investment and financing fund comp

[Sohu IT news] Jingdong mall is modeled Alibaba involved in the financial sector, money to money, resulting in a new scale of income, add new weight for the future of IPO.

November 19th, Jingdong mall providers face the meeting will be held to promote the supply chain financial services.

According to the

staff to produce brochures, Jingdong for positioning the supply chain finance platform "as follows:" with the Jingdong store supplier evaluation system, settlement system and bill processing system, online banking and Bank Internet and other electronic channels for all suppliers to carry out a comprehensive Jingdong mall type a set of financial services, financial services platform. Suppliers are not limited in scope and size. In order to broaden the investment and financing channels for suppliers, to meet the needs of partners for the funds, to provide good support for the development of partners for the purpose of promoting the development of Jingdong mall and supplier win-win."


mall according to different objects to provide financing services as follows: accounts receivable financing, financing order, supplier entrusted loan financing, accounts receivable asset package plan. For example, the supply of goods to the Jingdong mall, after the storage of goods, you can put forward to the Jingdong Mall (receivables) of the loan application, after approval, you can get a loan. The POP open platform businesses can order the user, to a certain amount of the order to the Jingdong mall loan application. Jingdong side said, loans for a maximum period of 3 years, however, the Jingdong did not disclose the interest rate on the loan.

at the same time, Jingdong also launched an investment project, collaborative investment trust scheme, which claims that if the supplier to join the investment plan, the return on investment will reach 6%-8%.

in the Jingdong will promote the supplier disclosures when preaching, Jingdong side said, it will set up a special fund company, engaged in investment and financing of financial business. Even, Jingdong side said, Jingdong will be part of the amount of the new financing for supplier financing loans.

last week, Jingdong mall confirmed the completion of a new round of financing, valuation of $7 billion 250 million. It is said that the size of this round of financing is about $400 million.

, however, there are vendor analysis, Jingdong will not divert new financing intervention in the financial services provider. "It is not necessary, Jingdong can rely on their own accounts and bank funds to complete the loan to suppliers." The supplier considers.

and online banking online payment of third party settlement funds will help Jingdong’s financial services. Last month, Jingdong has completed the acquisition of online banking online, with third party payment license.

Jingdong’s financial services will benefit primarily through interest income. This may also be an important move to enhance their profits.

, according to media reports, as of the end of 2012 6, is mainly responsible for the operation of Alibaba’s small loan company Ali financial services sector, has accumulated more than 12.9 small and micro enterprises >