Online payment will become a fee lunch CBRC support moderate charges

bank to provide free service projects, it is possible to lose another item. The day before, the CBRC issued a notice to the bank, according to the security problems appeared in the recent online payment, that required to strengthen the supervision of the risk at the same time, clearly put forward in support of banks "modest prices". Reporter yesterday visited the banks found that the current Shenzhen market for the bank online payment business is generally free, although the details of relevant national policies have not been announced, but the bank said it would consider follow-up study.

Shenzhen banks are still free

it is understood that the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice, mainly for this year’s 3·, 15, the exposure of a variety of online banking and online payment security issues arise. For more user complaints online banking passwords stolen, account funds are transferred and other issues, the CBRC requires banks to strengthen supervision and risk control. In this regard, the banks need a certain amount of investment in research and development and upgrading, the CBRC also expressed support for the online credit card payment business to implement an appropriate fee system.

reporter learned yesterday to a number of banks, the current launch of online banking, online payment and other banks are free policy. As the early launch of the online bank of China Merchants Bank, from the last century since 90s to promote, to the later "network" business, online payment, online transfers are always no charges. While foreign banks also introduced free, East Asia Bank Shenzhen branch official told reporters, online banking is a hot business of many foreign banks pushing, in order to attract more customers and domestic banks, at present banks generally free under the premise, they may not charge.

bank ready to open

in recent years, with the transfer of different places, interbank transfers and other services began to charge gradually, the bank’s free service projects are dwindling, the CBRC notice also once again let the industry association. Reporters from several large banks understand that they currently have received the relevant notification, but the CBRC has not issued specific rules and implementation steps, so the current online banking charges banks are also not to be implemented.

, but the reporter learned that some banks have been ready to "". "Internet banking platform to prevent both from the development of security measures, need a set of troops, but the cost is quite high, now the reason is free, because there is not a bank dare to take the lead in charge, after all, who first charge will lead to the loss of customers, the loss is even greater." A large state-owned bank credit card department official told reporters that online banking charges will also become the next target bank charges.

but there are banks in the short term will not consider the implementation of online banking charges. China Merchants Bank Credit Card Center Marketing Department Zhang Jizhou told reporters that although the customers using online payment business do not have to pay the cost of the customer, but the high frequency of use, the natural increase in trading volume and transaction volume, rebates will rise. Also in >