42 minutes on the line for 25 million investment Wang Sicong Ji Shisan tell you why

Wang Sicong has always wanted to be able to answer a better, more professional service to users of the road, this view we are highly consistent." Ji Shisan said.


| editor Li Yuan | Xiao three turns

June 27th evening, the answer was held in Beijing since the first conference on the line. In recent months, this knowledge sharing software detonated on the network, attracting a lot of star participation.

conference poster, printed with a large number of 42, representing the answer on the line for 42 days. In science fiction, the hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy, "42" represents the ultimate answer to all life and problems in the universe.

from the start of the conference, founder of Ji thirteen first appeared on. As a recent jump red speed too fast, Ji thirteen busy with the team to do product upgrade iteration, it is almost a month does not appear in the public eye. Internet rumors, he is close with the Tencent Zhang Xiaolong, a branch may have been acquired by Tencent for $100 million.

Ji thirteen first to share with you the latest financing situation, in order to audio-visual. As a line of its products, sub answer $100 million acquisition is not real, the real data is $25 million. By Jing Yuan capital and Sequoia Capital lead investor, Wang Sicong created the MIPs capital and Luo Zhenyu’s logic of thinking with the cast – at present, including the answer, the "good" products, valued at more than $100 million.

Ji thirteen said that the line in the whole series of products have long been favored by the capital. March 2015 on-line line in the September to complete the Pre-A round of financing, investors include Kunlun World Wide Web CEO Zhou Yahui, the founder of the commune and millet, co-founder of the company, Li Wanqiang, Alfa.

"Zhou Yahui looked at it and said it was about to vote," he said…… After I gave him my personal account, I was 5 million in the afternoon. The one thing I most regret is not immediately put 5 million to the balance of treasure, in my account, lying to the company account for two months."

in the past month, Wang Sicong is undoubtedly the most dazzling star in a branch. Wang Sicong answered 32 questions about personal, investment, values and other aspects of the answer, earned $about 200000.

points just on the line, Ji thirteen invited Wang Sicong to play on WeChat. Wang Sicong answered, attracted a lot of media reports, also caused him on a financing interest. Wang Sicong has always wanted to be able to answer a better, more professional service to users of the road, this view we are highly consistent."

In addition to this,

thirteen also shared with the audience a number of key data points:

points on the line 42 days, currently has more than 10 million authorized users. Platform produced a total of 500 thousand voice questions and answers, the total order of 18 million yuan, the daily payment of 190 thousand times, more than $1 million paid users