To join the logistics business Major dragon network build high speed channel of Sino Russian Logisti

local time on September 12th, during the Sino Russian purchase Festival, dragon network and one of the largest Russian logistics provider Major signed a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will play their respective advantages, and jointly build the Russian cross-border logistics highway.


dragon network group representatives with the Russian Major logistics group representatives signed

dragon network as a representative cross-border e-commerce enterprises, through the "Internet plus foreign trade" in the way of "The Belt and Road" strategy along the country has a lot of practice. "Belt and Road Initiative, Baicheng brilliance" for enterprise development goals, to link the combination of online and offline dragon net with two double park around the world, the city industrial zone and trade center of the city, promote the development of foreign trade and transformation.

in recent years, dragon network eyeing Russia this emerging market. Since 2014 in the Russian market since the construction of overseas positions, because the economic structure of China and Russia are highly complementary, high dependence, the rapid growth of economic and trade exchanges between China and Russia, deep dragon network in the Russian market has taken a solid step. Plough, dragon net in Russia’s visibility and influence gradually increased, some well-known enterprises and local to establish relations of cooperation, Major is one of them.

as an international standard group, Russia’s well-known enterprises, the strength of Major, which owns a number of subsidiary business, to achieve full coverage of the logistics network, to provide high quality service for many famous international brands.

in the Sino Russian trade volume increased in the environment, with the expansion of the demand for comparison, Chinese goods to Russia’s road is difficult, cross-border electricity supplier industry logistics has long been an insurmountable problem. In fact, the Russian customs clearance capacity is very low, the problem of logistics is not stable, local territory, logistics has been long time Chinese manufacturing sea pain points. The dragon network to join Major, with Major in logistics, warehousing and delivery of the technology, equipment and management advantages, to create a network covering the whole Russian overseas local logistics system, to achieve differentiation advantages of cross-border electricity supplier local service.

in the future, the two sides will be in the framework agreement between the two sides of each subsidiary below each service agreement, cooperation to build intelligent logistics platform, such as API system docking, realize the door to door service, visualization, traceability of. Each company Major group such as international transport, bonded warehouse, warehousing, courier, domestic cars, banks will provide high quality services and business support for the dragon’s net trade. In addition, the two companies to each other’s business plan to provide support for the promotion.

Compared with the traditional

overseas positions, the cross-border electricity supplier logistics platform Major advanced the use of integrated intelligent technology, visualization, standardization, logistics platform, the implementation of tracking and management of goods began to be from the source, the logistics system can mimic human intelligence, realize information flow faster than real logistics. < >