Tmall double 11 turnover of over 91 billion 200 million last year to break the record

sina science and technology news on November 11th afternoon news, 15:19:132016 Tmall 11 transaction volume of more than $91 billion 200 million, breaking the record amount of double all day trading in 2015 11.


figure for Tmall eleven media center big screen data scrolling large screen

from Alibaba real-time data show that 15:19:132016 Tmall 11 global Carnival transaction volume of 91 billion 200 million, accounting for the proportion of wireless transactions, exceeding last year’s total turnover of the day, the amount of 83%. Currently, Ali double eleven media center on the big screen is still in the rapid rise in the number of figures.

previously as 11:00:002016 Tmall 11 global Carnival transaction amount of $76 billion 900 million; 12:00:002016 Tmall’s global turnover of 11 double Carnival of the amount of 80 billion 700 million, the amount of wireless transactions accounted for more than 83.62%.

in this year’s double eleven, Ali announced real-time trading data after the opening of 52 seconds, the transaction volume rushed to $1 billion, after 6 minutes and 58 seconds, the transaction amount of 100 million yuan. Last year, Alibaba 12 minutes to break 10 billion yuan in, the year before last broke in 2014 with 10 billion yuan in the past 37 minutes.

An hour after the opening of the

, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong connection media center, announced an hourly turnover of over 36 billion 200 million yuan, has more than 2013 double all day data, the proportion of wireless transactions accounted for more than 84.3%. Zhang Yong said this year eleven after 1 hours, the two data record, namely the opening create order of transactions reached 175 thousand per second from last year’s record is 140 thousand pen, pen; the data also created another record, pay per second 120 thousand pen, 85 thousand and 900 pen last year. (Zhang Jun)