Wang Tong mysterious fission marketing

2500, Gautama began to preach, but he found himself tired all day, can only help a few people, so even if busy for a lifetime, will not help much, so he was very depressed.

one day, he felt tired, he sat down in a bodhi tree, then another law to think about how to more effectively the problem.

he sat for 7 days, then do


many people think Gautama will after Enlightenment of avatar and the specific function of what, this is a speculation, Gautama never died of it, even before he died due to illness has been in bed for several years.

so, what did he realize?

he realized that:

a tree has one hundred fruits, a fruit is a seed, can grow into a big tree, so there are 100 trees.

100 trees and then grow the fruit of the tree, and then the root germination of the regeneration, and finally will form a forest, their method is too tired, should launch more people to the law of the 10 thousand.

yes, he realized that fission marketing!

rely on this marketing secret, he founded the company successfully developed more than 2500 years, and more and more powerful.

fission marketing has three advantages that you can’t refuse:

1, the cost is low: to promote the effect of only pay

2, the effect is rapid: the user’s fission speed ultra fast

3, word of mouth is good: the more people participate in the better reputation

I have always thought that, since ancient times, launched to promote user fission marketing is the most powerful marketing tool, but with the different times, changed the use of communication tools, but the core of the same pattern.

cite a simple case

last year, a student asked my advice, he was in a room to do business in the local small city, then do 500 single day, unable to break through.

so I gave him a few words, two months later, he grew to a single day of 1200, an increase of up to 240%.

what do I guide him to?

is very simple!

is: start the user to fission promotion

specific operation is very simple, ordered meals users, as long as the promotion of two new users, immediately enjoy a free fast food.

for each worker, this is a very big temptation, because everyone has many colleagues, companies have dozens of colleagues, to recommend their own, one month’s lunch money saved.

for delivery companies, less than 10 dollars, you can get a new user, is also very cost-effective.