Dropbox red half of the sky the bleak domestic cloud storage how to break


Dropbox latest official documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) show that Dropbox latest round of financing $325 million, the valuation has reached $10 billion. Although faced with Amazon, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google drive and other powerful competitors, Dropbox has become one of the most concerned about the prospective IPO companies in 2014.

Dropbox is mainly selling to consumers and business users of cloud storage services, not long ago, Dropbox has hired Motorola mobile director Denis Woodside (Dennis Woodside) served as the first chief operating officer, prepare for IPO.

Dropbox done fast, domestic counterparts are tepid. Although the domestic cloud storage market many game player, including Sina micro disk, 360 cloud disk, Baidu cloud 115, SkyDrive, Jin Shanyun, HUAWEI, SkyDrive, cool disk, but not too many voices.

what causes Dropbox red half of the sky, the domestic cloud storage market is so bleak?

vice president of Jingdong, Jingdong of Tencent cloud head he just said, personal cloud storage service commercial value is very large, foreigners are willing to pay for cloud storage services, to pay 20 dollars a month is not a problem, but most people in the China think should get free service. Baidu cloud, 360 cloud disk and other companies are also competing to declare to the user to send 100G, or even the capacity of the 10 T.

115 SkyDrive official revealed on the Tencent of science and technology, burn extent of cloud storage industry as video website. This is a real problem: the enterprise to pay a huge cost, can get very little return, but the flow of funds to invest.

these people pointed out that cloud storage companies to invest a lot of money every month in the server, bandwidth and other aspects, accounting for 90% of the total cost. Baidu, for example, Baidu cloud sharing function to burn 2 to 30 million yuan a month. This is not generally acceptable.

this is a direct result of a lot of entrepreneurial cloud storage enterprise funds can not support. 115 SkyDrive has been very prosperous, but because it is a small start-up companies, not the rich people in the back, now has a lot of low-key, specialize in mobile terminal. HUAWEI Dbank have been very large, known as the about 20000000 users, HUAWEI was once considered to dispose of this business, but no disk access.

for cloud storage companies, users are also recognized its value, but the use of SkyDrive users generally have a special purpose, to push advertising basically meaningless, leading to cloud storage business advertising conversion rate may be even lower than the Facebook community conversion rate.

is even worse, there is excessive competition in the Chinese market, so that the whole market soil deterioration, China is very willing to pay is the game and e-book reading, users >