Qihoo 360 to 100 million yuan to buy 360 com to refresh the domain name transaction records

360.com domain name who.is information has been updated


technology news February 4th afternoon, 360 insiders confirm that the company invested heavily in the acquisition of Qihoo 360 international top-level domain 360.com, the purchase price was $17 million, about 110 million yuan. The current 360.com whois information has been changed to Beijing science and Technology Co., Ltd. Qihoo.

previously, 360.com has been held by the well-known telecom operator Vodafone (Vodafone), 360 had negotiated with Vodafone for many years, trying to buy back the domain name but has not been able to do so.

the transaction price of the domain name refresh a new record in the domestic domain name transaction, is currently the world’s most expensive public domain name. Prior to this record has been maintained by sex.com’s $14 million.

360 insiders said that the lack of international top-level domain has been the major Qihoo brand risks, the completion of the acquisition will greatly enhance the international brand image, but also eliminates the top-level domain brought by the lack of brand risks. 360 this year will force the expansion of overseas markets, the new top-level domain will bring great advantages to the 360. (Zhang Nan)

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