No video stopped drama to the end

free online watch American TV era or the end.

day before the SARFT issued "on the strengthening of the management of Internet audio and video content of the notice" requirements, without obtaining a license to film and television drama, animation, film and television literature, will not be allowed to spread on the internet. At present, the spread of the Internet, TV drama and other foreign TV drama, mostly undocumented play.

film is undocumented halt, on the domestic video website, is undoubtedly a major reshuffle, let potatoes, Youku and other many users upload mode based C2C (consumertoconsumer), rush. However, some of the B2C represented by PPLive (Businesstoconsumer) the company has applauded. PPLive founder Yao Xin claimed that the best opportunity has come, the company will seize the opportunity to market as soon as possible IPO.


SARFT halted unlicensed video

network video copyright issues, is not a new topic. Is the first domestic Internet genuine video publishers excited net joint Beijing PolyBona, Beijing Chengtian entertainment nearly 80 copyright, set up a joint anti piracy Alliance on encirclement, then there are a number of network video including potatoes, Youku, in order to avoid copyright disputes and shielding part of foreign IP is the Internet video copyright issues emerge in an endless stream.

a paper SARFT "on the strengthening of the management of Internet audio and video content of the notice", but the entire network video industry be caught off guard. The international financial crisis has made the domestic video industry was very difficult, because there is no money to buy the copyright, a lot of small video sites will play as the core competitiveness of South korea. Insiders said that the flow of life and death for the video site, once the right to play off the popular drama, economic losses will be considerable. After the implementation of the notice, may fall a large. No traffic, venture capital is more dismissive.

for Internet users, online video has become an important part of everyday life. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released data show that as of June 30, 2008, the number of Internet users in China reached 253 million, for the first time exceeded the United States, the largest Internet users in the world. Network music is the first large network application Chinese Internet users, the utilization rate reached 84.5%, user quantity is as high as 214 million; the use of the network video rate is 71%, the user has reached 180 million people, is the fourth largest network application of China.


B2C mode opportunity coming

in the face of SARFT ban unlicensed television notice, not all online video companies frown. PPLive founder Yao Xin claimed that SARFT notice is a rare opportunity for B2C companies, the company will take the opportunity to expand revenue, strive >