Daily topic Sogou and 360 dispute court Sogou browser loss of 20% users

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) September 27th news, recently Sogou and 360 of the war of words has not stopped, and now has been upgraded to a lawsuit. It is reported that Sogou company to the Xi’an City Intermediate People’s court proceedings, sued the unfair competition of Qihoo technology company, Qihoo 360 software company, claims 45 million yuan of economic losses, the court has been filed.


and against the unfair competition lawsuit filed by Sogou company, 360 companies responded quickly. The 360 companies announced the unfair competition Beijing Sogou technology limited company to the Beijing second intermediate people’s court, claims 50 million yuan; at the same time, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan reputation infringement to the west of Beijing people’s court, claims 1 million yuan.


said in the indictment, since the Mid Autumn Festival, the 360 companies in the case without the user’s consent, directly to the user to modify the default browser from the browser Sogou 360 security browser, and ordinary users find, it is difficult to re set. Sogou company believes that the 360 companies interfere with the normal operation of Sogou, malicious blocking and seriously undermine the plaintiff to provide users Sogou browser software services.

360 company, announced a $448 million investment in a few days later Sogou Sogou input method of Tencent, to upgrade and update the thesaurus by large-scale bundled browser Sogou and induce users to download. As a security software, 360 to the user to remind this kind of Sogou induction and bundled installation behavior to help users take the initiative to repair the browser, and restore the original browser used by the user. In this process, 360 fully respect the user’s right to know and the right to choose.

CCTV "Morning News" today Sogou company sued Qihoo 360 unfair competition case was the latest report said that due to the 360 change user browser defaults, currently Sogou, Tencent and Baidu three have suffered losses, the loss of the default browser user Sogou number is greater than 20%, the Tencent Inc has about ten million users affected and impact.

According to the

China Internet Association experts, in the event of Qihoo 360 security guards belonging to the security software have more privileges, while Sogou browser application software can only let this change, no defense. The Committee Chinese Internet Association policy and Resources Committee of experts Yu Guofu said: "the driver layer software is similar to the area of security, which is similar to the entrance area through the application layer software, to provide services for everyone, such as delivery companies or other companies, the company and the security room if not familiar with, or not and what security the relations of interests, then the security company is likely to put it out."

in addition to Tencent and Baidu’s mobile version of the browser, the 360 mobile guards have been prompted recently, according to media reports, the software exists Trojan vulnerability, Tencent Inc has been affected by the impact of the user and about ten million