ndustry website unique propaganda gimmick

direct on TV:


character illusion propaganda:


note: Yang Donghui, President of China Textile association.

as I said in the article.

publicity is the soul of a web site theme, whether it is a large portal or small sites, all the time in the publicity of their own. I summed up a lot about the domain name and website publicity methods, I will continue to share with you, as much as possible with the picture more intuitive.

on the idea of propaganda, I prefer the guerrilla strategy of Mao Zedong, such as the operation of the site or the domain name of the investment line, everything is in the movement change, thinking, implementation, correction, and then re. There is no fixed pattern, only we continue to innovate and implementation, homeopathy and change, in order to gradually achieve their desired goals.

I think the key lies in their propaganda everywhere, whether on the side of things of careful observation, careful thinking, quick action, grab a point, to expand, let more people learned from the familiar to memorize.

hopes to share with colleagues.