Tencent investment today headlines headlines today’s headlines valuation rose to 12 billion

today, the Internet broke the news that the eight sister issued a document that Tencent can buy bonds by way of today’s headlines to invest. It is reported that this part of the convertible bonds in today’s headlines in the next round of financing will be converted into equity.

informed sources said today’s headlines valuations rose sharply again, has risen from $8 billion to $12 billion. The amount of investment Tencent headlines today is not much, and it will not have an impact on its internal.

tough today’s headlines

in July 11th, when it comes to Tencent investment, the following open letter, the attitude is very tough:

I founded the company, did not want to become a Tencent executives, lying on the QQ and WeChat under the tree to imitate others, so boring. The big become bigger, the world is so. If we had a chance to break the pattern, the process would be interesting. I think, for us, even if only 10% of the opportunity, it is worth the effort, and I think more than.

Zhang Yiming for the acquisition of such a position, but does not mean that it does not accept the injection of individual companies. Yes, it’s an individual company. Headlines are not short of money, so in this case will only be interested in the strategic development of its interested parties. In addition, Zhang Yiming also mentioned:

that is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. With the rapid growth of our DAU and revenue over the past two years there has been a variety of strategic investments and headlines contact, many of which are proposed acquisitions, mergers, and want to give us offer. But in recent weeks there has been no special circumstances.

it can be seen that the "proud" of Zhang Yiming and today’s headlines is not bad money has started to contact the investor, the name of their own small abacus.

why not bad headlines


financing for money? Definitely not. A recent headline financing in June 2014, when Zhang Yiming told the media said: Although the C round, but the money is not much, except to buy more equipment and recruit more talents, other aspects also need to save the flower. After two years of this article and then no longer over the capital, showing the company’s overall revenue considerable.

therefore, Lei Feng ("Lei Feng network" public concern) linked to an advertising agency, agency official said that online advertising media resources today’s headlines often demand, even if the position of a large amount of resources, is also very popular. Especially in April hit nearly one hundred million yuan for advertising, all outdoor advertising center area covering almost every big city after making headlines today users jumped more than 50 million, advertising resources are programmed to buy companies looted. Today’s headlines insiders revealed that the headlines into large-scale liquidation period, nearly 2000 people, including more than 1/4 of the company’s employees are advertising sales, you can see Zhang Yiming change >