Zhu Dachen Baidu alliance is willing to support grassroots webmaster Network Entrepreneurship

August 19th news, Baidu Union General Manager Zhu Dachen said today’s guest interview with the Tencent of science and technology, ordinary owners through the Baidu club this open platform, can be like looking for a space, construction site, a lot of information can be shared, and experience sharing, will do some SEO training.

Zhu Dachen believes that the domestic grassroots entrepreneurial environment is good, but there are still many difficulties. If only ten years ago, the rise of the stage was not a big business, so many small companies step by step to the big, including Tencent, Baidu began to be a very small company. Now the industry is bigger, is probably a tens of billions of billions of market capitalization, which shows that the environment is getting better, the number of Internet users are all positive factors. But at the same time the Internet entrepreneurs who ask for higher, must be very accurate positioning, do better. So as to stand out.

Zhu Dachen also pointed out that China’s Internet entrepreneurs from the technical ability, the ability to use the Internet on the previous upgrade. Now the popularity of the Internet education, technology has reached the level of high school students, high school students, many young people have a lot of technology, or have a lot of tools and technology.


Baidu Union General Manager Zhu Dachen

The following is an interview with Baidu

Zhu Dachen, general manager of the union record:

host: Hello, welcome to the 2010 China Internet Conference, I am very happy to go to the scene of the Baidu union general manager Mr. Zhu Dachen. Chu total Hello, first of all to say hello.

Zhu Dachen: Hello everyone!

Moderator: Baidu alliance recently set up an Internet Entrepreneur Club, please tell us about.

Zhu Dachen: this year is the tenth year of the establishment of Baidu, in retrospect, the first of the 10 people to now nearly 10 thousand employees, from small to large to come feeling a lot. With the rapid growth of Internet users, we think also has great potential in the next few years, the number of users exceeded 1 billion is also possible, may be more and more Internet Co launched open platform will provide better opportunities for entrepreneurs in the future.

traditional industries and the Internet is rapidly combined, we feel that these are the next ten years, a new golden era of Internet entrepreneurs. Baidu is willing to set up such a club, this platform is a non-profit platform, we hope to come up with their own resources, the use of Baidu also hope to make some things with other groups and grassroots webmaster cooperation, together with the platform to do this, the club intention was to let the business more easily.

Moderator: general general Adsense through Baidu union club can get what kind of benefits?

Zhu Dachen: first of all, we are open to this platform, we are also in the process of this thing, at first, we have ten directors around the country are some in the business, and others to help >