Thanksgiving special 15 story stationmaster collection of electronic magazine for free download

today is November 26th, the fourth Thursday of the month, that is, Thanksgiving Day in the United states. A lot of friends would say it was an American thanksgiving. But I think Thanksgiving is everyone should do, Thanksgiving without borders. So we choose the open-source network before and after a total of 15 story "interview" stationmaster made collection today, before the interview we miss hope webmaster friends can have a one-time opportunity to read him.

"webmaster story sinks" is an open source network hosted by the owners of the interview column. Since the first interview in August 9, 2009 officially launched, we adhere to every Monday, has been successfully carried out 15. On Thanksgiving Day, thank you has been the concern and support "story" webmaster webmaster friends, thanks in white busy taking the time to share experience and guests, special thanks to Admin5 nets, the laggards, love China station, aggregation and other major domestic well-known master media and community.

this magazine is completely free of charge, while providing online reading and download.

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