To promote the promotion of the service style with the skills of network promotion

promotion has been the topic of concern, whether it is online is offline, grassroots webmaster every day thinking about how to better promote their own websites or a project, an enterprise or a company new products are also thinking about how to better display in front of consumers, how to plan a wonderful promotion case. No matter what the circumstances, only to promote their own out, there are more show, there are more likely, effective promotion is the key.

but how to promote, and not in two words or three can say clearly, a lot of network marketing case, we are told how to promote, how to make the effect, but most want to spend a lot of money, individuals or small enterprise strength is limited, to find a suitable way of promotion. BBK music mobile phone, before 2010, believe that the word is not known, may know the BBK brand, but it’s not much interested in music mobile phone. Since the "If You Are The One" hit show, the title of a mobile phone BBK music awareness, mobile phone marketing strategy is a success. Music, fashion, fun, beautiful Song Hye Kyo and other elements to make a lot of young people remember BBK music phone, no wonder around the female colleagues said that the next time I want to change the phone for BBK phone.

After all, unlike the BBK

personal webmaster so strong, just to spend hundreds of thousands of millions or even more to promote. For individual webmaster, what kind of promotion is effective? According to their own situation to choose the effective use of resources, often say that there are Forum promotion, blog promotion, bulk mail, Baidu know, outside the chain, write soft etc.. I recently saw an initiative to promote a way to allow users to take the initiative and willing to accept advertising information.

I recently in the Admin5 forum to see a friend is such a promotion. Coincides with the release of a large domestic film, but unfortunately there is no high-definition version of the Internet, or no time to enjoy the movie theater, or used to live at home watching DVD, there are a lot of people waiting for the new version of the network hd. The friends do not know through what channels, find this HD version, then post the author said that in order to promote the sharing and dissemination of the spirit, to the large HD share with people, as long as the QQ number to him, the film came to him. Concerned about the film’s friends naturally happy, in order to map a convenient, have responded to this information, but also made a QQ number, of course, also received the message, see the film. The author also participated in this interaction, the friend also gave me a copy, but because of busy, no time to read the e-mail, when it is found after two days to see the film, the original QQ mail video has been downloaded more than 200 times, can not be downloaded, but also added a few small mail advertising. Because it is the initiative to ask for this message, it is accepted by the other party to share, so the initiative to read advertising information, but also on the way to express their gratitude.

the film is now on the Internet has been easy to find HD version, and that the user in the case of user demand, the initiative to share resources, Shun