The most effective way to establish the emotional connection between users and products is to create

you must have met something like this:

university students opened a restaurant, you often patronize, although there is no discount

since you like C Luo endorsement of Nike, you never bought Adidas

is a slow and because the serving discount after you love go to sea fishing

because Luo Yonghao, you bought a hammer phone


If the

in the case of "you" as the user, "Hotel, Nike, sea fishing, hammer" as products, will find a person or thing between the user and the product, the unrelated connection.

this connection is the user’s mental and emotional response, in the process of perception and imperceptible in the completion of the.

relationship as follows:


you choose the university classmate of the hotel, not for the sake of cheap, not delicious, but in the decision to go to the hotel in the process, the first thought of this.

choose Nike or Adidas, originally is indifferent. But after the C Luo endorsement Nike, you see Nike as if to see the C Luo, the balance of the decision on the tilt.


encountered slow serve, but actively solve sea fishing and give you discount. The satisfaction of the consumer experience to let you lead a person to endless aftertastes sea fishing brand, a higher degree of recognition, not consciously in looking forward to the next consumption.

you bought a hammer phone, basically the same as you recognize Luo Yonghao’s feelings. There should be a few users, only because of the quality of the hammer and orders.

above the common points of the case:

users and products with the media to establish an emotional connection, so that users have a product impression, goodwill and recognition, and ultimately affect the decision-making.

elaborate on this point of view, the user in the process of using the product, even if the emotional design of the product again good, the user’s feeling is certainly human-computer interaction. From the emotional point of view, the machine or interface is no substitute for human.

imagine, why Taobao want small communication links and useful? Taobao first face the problem of how to combine traditional offline transactions to online, because the traditional transactions are communication between people, such as the bargain. If you let this communication disappear when moving online, certainly a lot of damage to the volume of transactions, Taobao is likely to do it.

it looks like it’s just a matter of "bargaining", in essence, because online transactions also need to communicate with others. Because of the existence of the communication link, so that buyers have a sense of trust in the seller, if the customer service is good enough, but also allow buyers to enhance the goodwill of the business, thereby indirectly stimulating sustained consumption. >