Sue Minter statement on 5th anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene

first_imgSue Minter, Democratic candidate for governor: It’s hard to believe that anything good can come of a disaster. But five years after Tropical Storm Irene ravaged our brave little state, I travel with pride through a Vermont that is stronger and more resilient than it was before that terrible night when the flood waters rose.On this day five years ago, it was not assured that Vermont would recover well from the storm. What made the difference was the spirit of Vermonters. Everywhere I went, I encountered a remarkable depth of generosity and willingness to sacrifice for one another. The unsung heroes of Irene are the thousands of selfless volunteers: those who came forward to muck out homes, feed, clothe and rescue their neighbors; those who raised money and worked for months and years rebuilding over 700 homes for Irene survivors; those who rolled up their sleeves to rebuild communities ravaged by storm. We all honor the courageous survivors of the disaster, whose lives were turned upside down, but whose resilience and courage show us what it means to be Vermont Strong.Looking to the future, while Vermont does not face a natural disaster now, we do face many serious challenges. Seeing how we recovered from the worst disaster in nearly a century gives me hope. Because I have learned that when Vermonters come together, when we are all in, there is no such thing as impossible.last_img