NEJC tops website’s list of ‘Snobbiest Cities in Kansas’

first_imgMission Hills came in at number two on the list.Well…not sure what to make of this, exactly…A website called RoadSnacks today released a list of the “10 snobbiest cities in Kansas” — and northeast Johnson County municipalities take four of the top five slots.The list — which the website says is “opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out” — puts Leawood in the top slot, with Mission Hills in third, Prairie Village in fourth and Fairway in fifth.Here’s the full list, with accompanying descriptions that include gems like this:Mission Hills: Mission Hills is on here for one reason. It starts with an M and it ends in ONEY.These folks are plain loaded. When your house costs more than most other Kansans make in a lifetime, you might be a bit out of touch with the rest of us.The rankings are based on the following data from the 2013 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census:Median home priceMedian household incomePercent of population with a college degreePrivate schools per capitaTheaters per capitaArt galleries per capitaCan’t say I got the sense that the good people at RoadSnacks are intensely familiar with the area considering this is the photo they ran of Prairie Village:(Ah, the famous slopes of Mount Johnson County! Can’t wait to strap on my skis and shred!)…and that they say George Brett lives in Prairie Village instead of Mission Hills.So, make of it what you will…last_img