His story 30 years before the start of the 4 was worth millions and lost money

is 30 years old, do poineering work continuously 4 times, once worth millions, and lost money. He reflected, "what did I do wrong? What did I get?"

oral | scouring pawnshops founder Wang

In an interview with

, finishing | Zhai Wen Ting

when I was 30 years old, I started my fourth venture. In the previous 10 years of entrepreneurial experience, I have done SP, mobile download tools and cosmetics electricity supplier. This time, I have to do is to pawn forfeited goods and help them sell things from the lender drainage line, so named Amoy pawnshop. This is somewhat similar to the current Internet banking, but we do not do P2P, but the need for collateral loan business. In early 2013, Amoy pawnshop still in the preparatory stage, I got the blue Chi investment. read more

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