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How to improve the English training market

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is now for every parent’s dream, so the education investment has become a popular choice for entrepreneurs to invest in recent years, the education sector Longshehunza, lack the necessary management measures, want to do a good job in an educational institution is not a simple thing. As one of the most common types of education market. How does the English join the training shop to do the business, only then can guarantee own shop to be able to stand out from the fierce market? In the management of the operation of the English language training shop in the process, from all aspects of the start, so that the development of English training shop is a strength, teaching methods to attract students. Then join the English training shop in the face of competition can effectively meet the market. read more

Maternity hospital in rural areas in China and the project of cervical cancer screening work smoothl

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On April 21—28

, the way the City Health Bureau through access to information, field visits, household survey, random service object and conducted a special supervision and inspection of the rural three district four county maternal hospital childbirth subsidy program and cervical cancer screening project.
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