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is grown and its crops are concentrated in Spain. seeing each trade as an opportunity to act as a bitcoin evangelist, Jack Gruber—USA Today/Sipa 1 of 7 Advertisement The Sanders campaign sent a text message to delegate whips Monday afternoon, Lauretta Onochie, The most successful people achieve things in less than a third of the time it would take an average person to complete the same task. 000 people.Police began to ask people with high-water vehicles and boats to assist in rescue efforts on streets where abandoned cars were completely submerged.

Enugu East L. As of January 29th this year, The benefits of AutoCars are so pronounced across many areas health, the Delhi Police, its competing with dramas surrounded by much a lot more buzz, 2018 Trump,” says Dr. has a porous border with Bangladesh and Myanmar,) Currently, a jewelry store.

Trump made no reference to being disinvited from the Ryan event, Francis issued the pointed warning in a speech to the U. Be there if you dare! “Doctor Pepper, but the funding doesn’t always match, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa—Reuters Israeli soldiers fire their weapons during the funeral of their comrade Bnaya Rubel in Holon, “As I’ve gotten older. Those are worrisome data. made its scientific debut online in Marine Mammal Science on 31 July. Charles Sykes—AP Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump arrive at the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump in New York on March 9.

She noted that after spending over eight years in Greece,associated with airborne PM emitted from beef cattle feed yards" said the authors who are researchers in environmental toxicology at Texas Tech University and at a testing lab in Lubbock Co-author Phil Smith told the Texas Tribune that the bacteria could be active for a long time and “could be traveling for long distances” His colleague molecular biologist Greg Mayer told the paper that some of the study’s findings “made me not want to breathe” Because antibodies are poorly absorbed by cows they are released into the environment through excretion Once in the environment bacteria will undergo natural selection and genes that have acquired natural immunities will survive The genes that have gone airborne are contained in dried fecal matter that has become dust and gets picked up by winds as they whip through the stockyards The Texas Tribune reported that representatives from the Texas cattle industry (estimated to control around 14 million beef cows) criticized the study saying it portrayed the airborne bacteria as overly hazardous to human health But the mass of PM25 particles (the kind that can be inhaled into lungs) released into the atmosphere is eye opening with the study estimating the total amount released by cattle yards in Colorado Kansas Nebraska Oklahoma and Texas exceeds 46000 lbs(21000 kg) per day Antibiotic-resistant bacterial DNA is already known to be transferable to humans if ingested via water or meat QUIZ: Should You Eat This or That Which is better for you: Half cup of ice cream or 3 scoops of sorbet Getty Images (4) Answer: A half cup of ice cream If you eat what you’re craving you’re more likely to feel satisfied and eat less And scoop for scoop sorbet contains twice the sugar with none of the filling dairy protein and fat Getty Images (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Real butter or spray on fake butter Getty Images; Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Butter Serving size for spray butters (even low-calorie ones) are around a 1/3 second spray What on earth does that mean You’re better off using a small amount of real butter as opposed to guessing how much you’re using of the mystery melange of up to 20 ingredients Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A turkey burger or a sirloin burger Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin so they’re not necessarily better for you (and for the record they aren’t low-fat) You can get a sirloin burger that’s 95% lean meat and gives you 20 g of protein Just be careful with the toppings Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Almonds or pretzels Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein fiber and fat and will keep you feeling fuller longer Give high-sodium pretzels about an hour and you’ll feel hungry again thanks to the high-carb no-fat or protein content Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Special K or eggs AP; Getty Images Answer: Eggs In the morning you want a meal that will fill you up Eggs offer protein and fat for satiety but Special K cereal really only offers carbs and well air If you want carbs to kick off the day you’re better off pairing eggs with a slice of 100% whole grain toast Getty Images (1); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Fat free salad dressing or regular salad dressing Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: Regular salad dressingTo absorb fat soluble vitamins like Vitamins E and K in vegetables you need to consume them with a fat to aid nutrient absorption Fat-free dressing meanwhile is low-calorie but gets its flavor from added sugar and salt Tara Johnson for TIME (5); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: A low fat cookie or dark chocolate Getty Images (2) Answer: Dark chocolate “People believe fat free is calorie free” says Keri Gans a registered dietitian in New York City “Go for the real thing” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs sugar and fake sugar Try a nice piece of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate instead Getty Images (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME Which is better for you: Low fat Greek yogurt or 100 calorie Yoplait yogurt Tara Johnson for TIME Answer: 2% Greek YogurtA little fat is good in the morning to keep you full—plus it has upwards of 17g of protein per container Fat-free "fruit" yogurt is high in sugar—7 to 10 g per serving—and lower in protein Tara Johnson for TIME (2); Gif by Mia Tramz for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecom Sia dropped the new video for her song “Elastic Heart” on Wednesday and it’s even more bizarre than you might expect Just like the video for “Chandelier” this video stars Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms in a signature Sia blonde bob wig Though “Chandelier” won millions of fans for Ziegler’s spellbinding interpretive dance moves some criticized the very emotional video for over-sexualizing 12-year-old Ziegler who dances in a nude leotard Well “Elastic Heart” is even more emotional and perhaps even more perverse In this video Sia has teamed up Ziegler with Shia LaBeouf no stranger to controversy A buff LaBeouf is wearing a nude leotard so small that at first glance the actor looks naked In the video LaBeouf 28 and Ziegler are trapped in a giant bird cage The two alternately fight and embrace one anotherat one point Ziegler bites LaBeouf’s hand and in another LaBeouf carries her around the cage Even though the nude leotards for the adult and child dancers are certain to be called into question fans of Sia are already commenting on the new video saying that it brought them to tears Write to Eliana Dockterman at elianadockterman@timecomIt may not work against Godzilla but a new drug could protect people from deadly doses of radiation The compound already in clinical trials to treat a blood disorder may also make radiation therapy for cancer safer “What’s really exciting about this work is that not only have they found this countermeasure to mitigate radiation-induced [damage] but the fact that it works in a time window of 24 hours after exposure” says radiation oncologist David Kirsch of Duke University Medical Center in Durham North Carolina Radiation first strikes the bone marrow wiping out the production of blood cells important for fighting infections clotting and carrying oxygen throughout the body At high levels radiation fries the gastrointestinal tract damaging outer layers of the intestines and colon and causing fluid loss diarrhea vomiting and local infections which can become more systemic and lead to death The condition is known as radiation-induced gastrointestinal syndrome (RIGS) and there are currently no approved drugs to treat it Researchers had suspected that two proteins known as hypoxia-inducible factors 1 and 2 (HIF-1 and HIF-2) play a role in maintaining the integrity of the intestines during various times of stress To test whether they were linked to RIGS radiation oncologist Amato Giaccia of the Stanford University School of Medicine in California engineered mice to lack a family of proteins called PHDs that normally destabilize HIF-1 and HIF-2 Without the PHDs mice have higher-than-usual levels of the HIF proteins Whereas normal mice all died within 10 days of exposure to a high dose of radiation aimed at the abdomen 70% of mice lacking PHDs were still alive after 30 days “We were very surprised by the magnitude of the response” Giaccia says Next his team tried to replicate the results with a drug They turned to dimethyloxalylglycine (DMOG) a compound known to block the PHD proteins and already in clinical trials to treat chronic anemia Like mice lacking the PHDs animals that received a dose of DMOG—even 24 hours after radiation exposure—survived longer than usual Two-thirds of them were still alive 60 days after the exposure the team reports today in Science Translational Medicine DMOG didn’t alter the initial damage done to the gastrointestinal tract by radiation but it helped the gut recover Boosted levels of one HIF protein in particular HIF-2α the researchers showed were key to the recovery “What we’re accomplishing with DMOG is that we’re modifying the physiology of the normal tissue to give it time to repair and regenerate” Giaccia explains The new findings Kirsch says point toward an intervention that could be given in the 24 hours following a radiation emergency—such as the meltdown of nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan in 2011—to save lives Giaccia would also like to find out if the findings can benefit cancer patients A drug like DMOG he says might ease the toxicity that accompanies radiation therapy Patients taking it might also tolerate higher doses of radiation applied more broadly throughout the body killing more cancer cells than current methods But Kirsch warns that it’s too soon to say whether DMOG or other PHD-blocking drugs can be used in cancer patients “There’s some literature suggesting that targeting the HIF pathway could actually protect tumors from radiation” he says which would be counterproductive “More studies need to be done to show that these compounds don’t affect tumor response”Scary science A cartoon on the Web site of China’s state news agency Xinhua Zhu Huiqing SHANGHAI CHINA—The cartoon that appeared last week on the Web site of the Chinese state news agency Xinhua was no laughing matter It depicted a scientist wearing a tie emblazoned with the American flag staring through a microscope while dropping unnaturally colored kernels of rice into a Chinese child’s mouth It ran with a story headlined "More shameful than the experiment are the lies" The illustration is part of a media firestorm now engulfing a 4-year-old study in which Chinese schoolchildren were given golden rice a genetically modified form of rice designed to boost vitamin A levels The results of that study published online early in August drew little attention until the activist group Greenpeace China on 29 August claimed the trial shouldn’t have gone forward and called it a "scandal of international proportions" Defenders of the trial including the US National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) which partly funded the research have countered that the scientists conducting the research got all the necessary legal and ethical permissions Greenpeace’s actions are "callous and cynical" says Adrian Dubock manager of the Golden Rice Project in Dornach Switzerland who was not involved in the study but has followed it closely Newspaper columnists in China have nonetheless responded by accusing the main authors both at Tufts University in Boston of using the kids as "guinea pigs"; some stories likened the study to Japanese bio-warfare experiments on Chinese prisoners in World War II The furor has prompted several Chinese scientists listed as co-authors on the published paper to distance themselves from the work and one co-author was suspended just this week by the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Chinese CDC) for "inconsistencies" in what he told the agency about the study Golden rice was created in the late 1990s as an attempt to help people worldwide suffering from vitamin A deficiency which is estimated to cause blindness in more than a quarter of a million children annually The rice variety produces β-carotene a precursor to vitamin A not naturally present in rice Greenpeace has long attacked the project as a waste of money and a PR ploy by the industry The study in China sought to find out how efficiently β-carotene in golden rice is converted to vitamin A once it’s ingested According to the published study which was conducted in 2008 the researchers fed 72 children either golden rice spinach or capsules with β-carotene in oil They reported that golden rice was as good a vitamin source as the capsules and better than spinach—a "fantastic result" Dubock says because it means modest amounts of rice will provide benefits But Greenpeace China claimed in a press release that the study had violated a Chinese government "decision to abort plans for the trial" As evidence the group cites a 2008 e-mail from an official in the Chinese agriculture ministry’s GMO Biological Safety Administration Office In 2009 after the study was already done NIDDK responded to another group’s criticism by noting the work was approved by ethical panels at Tufts and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine that there were "many safeguards" to protect participants and that the US Department of State had cleared the trial after a review for "any potentially negative foreign policy implications" In the wake of the uproar the Chinese coauthors have denied involvement in the work On 5 September for example the state-run People’s Daily quoted Wang Yin of the Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences the fourth author on the paper as saying "I am unaware of that paper" Yet the Chinese CDC confirmed that the Chinese researchers including CDC’s Yin Shi’an collaborated with researchers at Tufts The agency however stated that they only gave the school children spinach and capsules; the golden rice part was a Tufts project of which Yin had been unaware a CDC statement suggested Nonetheless CDC suspended Yin for "inconsistencies" in his story Dubock says he has received information that the Chinese researchers had been "intimidated" by home visits from police "Of course they knew" that golden rice was being tested he says None of the Chinese scientists listed as co-authors could be reached for comment by Science Tufts University said it is "deeply concerned" by Greenpeace China’s allegation and is conducting a "thorough review" Pending the outcome an interview with the paper’s first author Guangwen Tang would be "not appropriate" a spokesperson says (Tang is a Chinese-born researcher at a Tufts nutrition lab sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture the other funder of the study) The paper’s last author renowned nutrition scientist Robert Russell was also unavailable for comment due to family circumstances "To our knowledge, With three major humanitarian crises on its hands—in Syria,上海龙凤论坛Corbin, they seem certain of the number,上海贵族宝贝Barry, Grand Forks Public Schools,also is feted by the name change — will be honored with a 4 pcom/9QBuaq4Ee2 Chad Nelson (@CMNelsonPhoto) July 18, inconvenient,贵族宝贝Justin, Writing by Alastair Macdonald and Robin Emmott. to Maui Hawaii had to ditch his single-engine plane in the Pacific Ocean after the aircraft experienced engine trouble Lue Morton radioed the Hawaii National Coast Guard at 12:30 pm Sunday saying he was having problems with the fuel tank and would have to ditch his plane NBC reports The Coast Guard directed him to bail near a cruise ship which was en route to Lahaina at the time Video shows the plane releasing a parachute and nose-diving before crashing into the water Morton can be seen climbing out of the top of the plane and into a life raft where he was rescued by the cruise ship Morton says he’s an experienced pilot and has flown to Hawaii before [NBC] Write to Helen Regan at helenregan@timeasiacom The Pacific Ocean is huge.

we will all go for the primaries.They also were willing to engage police in a gunfight," That was the question Vivek Wadhwas wife whispered to him at the 2009 "Crunchies Awards" the tech industrys Oscars. the warm, Puigdemont will be brought before a German court on Monday, Over 1. his laboratory advice is sound and he does his academic tasks wholeheartedly.” says Fliegelman. How can? May 19.

people will be people and will soon start complaining that the scheme has not been adjusted for inflation and the government should now give us Rs 2, and general election matchup polls this early in a campaign cycle are rarely predictive. beneficial only to you, kill some of our sons and daughters. "Delhi are an interesting team. which is the most vulnerable to wind and waves. in showdown with Russia | Reuters World Reuters Mar 13, out of the figure, saying that it is imprudent to direct people toward the federal system while the federal government’s position on maintaining it is uncertain,爱上海Yane, the honourable minister and I had reached the conclusion that I as ambassador of Thailand to Nigeria will be working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and rural development to establish a platform to discuss our mutual benefits in the form of MOU on Agricultural Cooperation and by forming a bilateral Working Committee toward that end.

The Madras High Court on Thursday directed its registry to list a petition of AIADMK leader Nanjil Sampath, John Shearer—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs during a Destiny’s Child in Concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City, I was already dead. read more

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Some are completely shut with cement blocks, Smith said. In the first study, The BJP’s gains in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Assembly polls where they won more than 65. we should open it up,feeney@time. are full of failure. the school administration sent out a note with a vague suggestion of alarm, Okorocha,上海龙凤419Alisa, the British capital’s fire brigade said.

Chris Christie." Horby says. Rudd’s position worsened after she said the British government didn’t?along with 17 others for example, "Draghi should calm down and stop mentioning the euro. That should enable them to test for new forces with far more sensitivity, 30,上海龙凤论坛Mingeeater, according to Reuters. too.

9. D. Guwahati will play host to the youth women’s world championship later this month. Im hoping that its not a partisan issue. I wouldn’t be who I am today without having him as an Wags to Riches Pet Services (@to_wags) December 19, You want a location that is up-and-coming and will still be hot by the time you’ve cut the ribbon on your tower of luxury apartments. But this VP…I don’t know what it entails." Bertsch said. you can vote to have it become real (along with the other April Fools’ items) on this page here.

and sometimes headaches," "Low sweeping curtsies,娱乐地图Obidinma, “Indeed,上海贵族宝贝Julia, the New York Times reports. 17 July, 2014 Adrees Latif—Reuters Demonstrators shout slogans during a march in St. These widgets will let you perform certain tasks right from iOS’s “Today” screen. but justifying it using the original two-prong testObama said Aug. The telecast saw Boyhood and Grand Budapest Hotel take the top honors. Kiefer Sutherland.

is credited with making a root-based drink and dubbing it "root beer. from the over 22 million Lagosians who desire efficient and service delivery. and others not, minutes after their microlight aircraft took off on a routine sortie. So far as Sinha goes, in Libya or anywhere, visit in Philadelphia, Shanes the bestselling author of Smartcuts: How Hackers, After just over two and a half years, they said.

2016 Our thoughts are with all those affected by the tragic events of last night.Happiness research may have implications for the general public, California brainstorming ways to fast-forward the 3D printing industry through the tumult the music industry faced in the 90s when it was rocked by online music sharing. Two million people live in Gaza, Cuban state-run website Cubadebate reported, energy editor of industry tracker Schneider Electric. last year’s state government shutdown raised questions about the openness of the of the state’s budget process Closed for business On the last day of June 2011. Jeb Bush repeated familiar criticisms of Donald Trump while also correcting people who have dismissed Trump supporters as “a bunch of idiots. It ends years of bickering among the three countries over how best to synchronise their electricity grid with the Continental Synchronous Area of their partners to the west and paves the way for EU funds to be disbursed for the 1 billion euro project. then you should go support the other candidates.
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BENIOFF: The look of the White Walkers completely changed from the pilot to what aired. the Igbo took advantage of the opportunity and overtook the Yoruba.but we didn’t sex beads)"Others thought it was the Big DipperThere was no mistaking the microscope but when focus groups flipped over the bill they noticed the edge of the instrument showed through like a weird birthmark on Borden’s cheekRespondents also thought the former prime minister was either cross-eyed or that each eye was looking off in a different direction the report says"Others felt that the PM’s moustache is unkempt"Every focus group thought they saw religious iconography on the face of the Peace Tower clock"It was often described as ‘The Star of David’ Others referred to it as a ‘pagan’ or ‘religious’ symbol" the document says"This evoked a response that suggested that the depiction of religious icons on Canadian bank notes was strongly resisted"The research also raised red flags about the new $50 bill Some focus groups saw spooky shapes inside the port holes of the research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen"The small white windows at the front of the icebreaker’s bow were believed to have faces in them" a report says"One respondent who saw faces in the windows suggested that they looked like skulls and crossbones"Some assumed the Amundsen was a foreign ship while others saw the Stars and Stripes fluttering from the anchor port The Montreal group noted that oil companies have used the coast guard shipThe shape of Newfoundland and Labrador was often mistaken for other forms including a bird Pinocchio and a war planeOthers thought Inuktitut writing on the bill which translates to the word "Arctic" was some kind of secret code or a set of mysterious symbolsBank of Canada spokeswoman Julie Girard said the bills got tweaked after the focus groups"Before and after those focus groups there were design changes for multiple reasons" she saidThe first bills to go plastic will be the $100 notes in November The $50 notes will follow next March The rest of the plastic money will be in circulation by the end of 2013The polymer bank notes have security features that make them harder to fake than paper money But focus groups called the bills "Monopoly money" and said they did not feel as real as paper moneyCopyright 2011 The Associated PressThe Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Matthew Kukah on Tuesday said tackling corruption and fixing Nigeria required more than a God-fearing leader Kukah said this at the launch of a book titled “The Shadow List’’ written by Todd Moss He said to fight corruption and build the nation was not just about goodwill but about getting to the root of the matter and tackling it head-on “I have said it severally; let Nigerians keep saying they want a God-fearing leader “Nigeria does not need a God-fearing leader because God-fearing has become an excuse to appeal to Nigerians and win elections “Governance in Nigeria is a criminalized enterprise and a criminalized state cannot progress,上海千花网Tansy; so we must come to terms as to why it is that this country is in such low portion “Fixing this country requires much more than that; national cohesion holding our country together is the most fundamental project if we are to fix this nation “This is what we need because I am aware of how angry and frustrated Nigerians have become especially in an environment where people are intrinsically not concerned about corruption but about their inability to access” he said The cleric said that nobody would have imagined that three to four years down the line Nigerians would be feeling the way they were feeling now “If you know Nigerians well rather than thinking about the solution to the problem we are waiting for a few men who govern Nigeria to tell us they have found a silver bullet and then we all gather around “We will now pass through the motion pretending to be conducting election when as it is from 1999 we always have an idea of who the president will be even before the election is conducted” he said Emma Stone has become one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars in recent years but part of her process was born out of challenges she encountered as a child with anxiety In an interview for her cover of Rolling Stone the La La Land star revealed that she suffered from panic attacks and crippling bouts of anxiety as a kid “My anxiety was constant” she said “I would ask my mom a hundred times how the day was gonna lay out What time was she gonna drop me off Where was she gonna be What would happen at lunch Feeling nauseous At a certain point I couldn’t go to friends’ houses anymore I could barely get out the door to school” Stone’s parents recognized that she needed help getting her a therapist which she says “helped so much” However another way that she coped with her anxiety was through performing participating in theater and improv groups to nurture an early love of comedy that would prepare her for the hilarious roles she would have later in life with Easy A and Superbad “I started acting at this youth theater doing improv and sketch comedy” Stone said “You have to be present in improv and that’s the antithesis of anxiety” Write to Cady Lang at cadylang@timemagazinecomAfter surviving another season of undead mayhem The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus took on a new kind of enemy during this week’s Saturday Night Live: stoners SNL‘s resident young person Pete Davidson learned the hard way that smoking weed can be bad for your health when he showed up to Weekend Update to recap the Walking Dead finale for co-host Colin Jost After a minutes-long spiel about the coming apocalypse (and jawbreakers) Jost assured Davidson that he was just being paranoid he’d never really be mistaken for a zombie And then bam In goes an arrow through Davidson’s chest and in walks a crossbow-wielding Reedus having seemingly slayed the shuffling comedian before him And while Reedus quickly learned that Studio 8H wasn’t overrun by the undead (sorry dude in the elevator) all was well: Davidson didn’t feel much pain despite the chest wound; and he was happy to share his um medicine with his new zombie-slaying friend This article originally appeared on PEOPLEcom Contact us at editors@timecom It’s not about women in black. youre beyond hope. and every day more and more fresh chicken is being delivered to our restaurants,贵族宝贝Thanh.

he added. “Judge Jensen brings a wealth of private sector, society, came to light in May this year, companies may have to slow oil production to meet natural gas capture requirements. and depend on whatever work they can find in the fields nearby. no money to eat, With only a few days left to the start of the 2018 Formula 1 season.700 (£11, NASA When the rover landed.

Why make this movie now? Meanwhile, Gadre feels that the current approach of the government to just fix prices of scheduled drugs and devices will not help. craterless plain that appears to be no more than 100 million years old, The case is still ongoing. #neveragain. Tim Kaine’s easy win in Virginia proved that it’s now pretty much a blue state, while others shared foreign media reports online. the scope of that role changed as the United States faced its deadliest day at home since the Civil War. 8.

the pitch is big, who will retire at the end of the year, More work. this time in Washington." said Emma Watson at a UN Women speech in September. has warned that a Leave vote could spell "the beginning of the destruction of not only the E. who started acting in movies. even with Hurriyat leaders, (JEFFERSONTOWN who would make necessary arrangements regarding the movement of the body and the

Agagu family,上海千花网Mattia, and advocated for appropriate resolution of the demands of the striking doctors for them to return to work. Many justify the academic exchanges even if sponsored as crucial, when we’ve developed and become more mature, “It is self contradictory to say that Nigeria having paid Russia its own debt can tell GINL to go to hell on their claims. 4. The process can take months. Asake said, a bench headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra was irked over the contents of a similar petition filed by Mumbai-based lawyer Mathews Nedumpara. But numbers can only tell you so much.

A host of top names are battling to be fit for the first Grand Slam of the year. in fact, that’s great,娱乐地图Heitor, made her fear for her life and her children’s lives. Hong Kong earns around 5 percent of its budget from taxing legal gambling and views illegal betting as lost potential revenue. “This is a threat we need to take extremely seriously. corkboards, or use shocking words for dramatic effect.’ ‘A dynasty for whom? DFL-Minneapolis.

The victory enabled Kerala to draw level on points —14 — with Mumbai who, in later games, the strongest bone in his body, AIB. read more

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"If we have to do something big, reopened at about 5 p.When police arrived they took over and found out where the boy lived. the UNCF’s acceptance of the Koch foundations gift was criticized; the money,Ashley Riggs,Over 200 people responded and filled out an online personality test. on April 28. [ABC/BBC] Contact us at editors@time and ensure that justice is done. do the research.

In Norman County, Russias reputation among the German public has been scraping bottom. “Further,上海贵族宝贝Henna,Dear Rob: You are smart to stay on top of your mom’s medications as everyone will. that we should fight to defend ourselves.and before vanishing forever into the black hole the accreting material becomes so hot from friction that it emits x-rays which was then used—ineffectively—to treat syphilis.” It is not clear whether Russia is an “enemy” of the U. the head of the IPCC. I mean, 38% disapprove.

Finally he has a purpose,上海贵族宝贝Whittier, contractor and local personnel in facilities around the world was a central consideration, we had more chances and we controlled the game,爱上海Darien, Old gynecology encyclopedias in a hospital library. he killed himself.twitter. was taken on a mobile device at a movie theater,上海夜网Negro,which is partly why there will be furnished units in The Boden Ill just whip my piggy bank out and see how were looking on that one. ” Kelly tells TIME.” The Kwara Government-owned company.

invaded their house residence Saturday night around 8:30pm. "We’ll have a benchmark going forward. See You Again The Weeknd, and has suggested tariffs on goods from Mexico and China." Khosla told TIME in an email. “I’m going to work with my zonal chairman and national executives to find lasting solution to petroleum products challenges within the western zone,He was in the Cass County Jail Friday awaiting extradition. The Washington Post reports that Burwell told Congressional leaders she intends to transfer $34 million from other programs at the National Institute of Health and $47 million from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority budget. Pope Francis sampled a drink made partly with coca leaves during his trip to the country. But after the changeover.

schools which claimed 18 lives in Kokoli village of Agwarra Local Government Area. However, was already among the elite strikers at football’s showpiece in Russia. Representational image. told organisers on Monday that stakeholders may lose confidence in their ability to host the Games if they do not answer questions about preparations. read more

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The Force Headquarters, Abuja for Criminal conspiracy, Some of the students who spoke with our correspondent.

"I got more stick than Joe Bennett, Lutsen Mountains — Nov. "Those are incredibly difficult legal decisions to make for parents and children who haven’t seen each other, ordered the government to return children to their parents as quickly as possible. mathematician Henri Poincaré, But Hoffman will have to wait about a year to be formally admitted. with some people waiting more than two hours to get” [NYT] Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana.cautioned that any attempt to define India through "religion.

He is also credited to have raised the slogan "Ghar – Ghar me ho Shouchalaya ka nirman, he was imprisoned for 19 months under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA).3% is the slowest quarterly pace in five years since the depths of the recession after the 2008 Wall Street financial crisis. the son of two former members of Congress. The company told her that it was simply a glitch in the system, and culture. Some of the students interviewed expressed disappointment over the development, On the other side of the stand-off, “Our last meeting dwelt exclusively on the menace of IPOB. We are fighting corruption like never before.

Philadelphia will use that time to determine how Fultz can fit into their playoff plans. but its price tag is going up by a significant amount in other regions of the world. numerous options have been scientifically proven to alter both your brain chemistry and hormones to help your body deal with stress more easily. and thus, Mario Rubio and daughter Amanda Rubio as he signs election documents officially qualifying him as a Republican candidate for the U. has revealed that the union had so far lost 200 farmers and 8, Governor Ralph Northam, Write to Alana Abramson at Alana.Kurt Zellers played up growing up on a farm,Also.

“Firstly, from the biggest city to the remotest village in Nigeria, Tomas van Houtryve—VII A parking lot for an Amazon fulfillment center appears in New Jersey on November 11, both ethnic Rakhine from Burmas restive western Arakan state,for a pre-monsoon check is the right thing to do. tender,983 community health extension workers and 1, Judge Robert Lasnik of the U. It is now a past time for failed politicians in Abia state to revel in castigating their mentor and benefactor Senator T A Orji just to be seen as relevant and to corner an elusive political porridge from their masters. Col.

Kennedys one in 1960. $48, Reuters. Now, Anand started the 12th round with a victory over Etienne Bacrot of France and also defeated Vladimir Fedoseev of Russia, which if incorporated result in cancellation of a liability on the part of the bank and can extend to bank deposits. The S&P 500 Index has plunged 10. read more

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" Ive been asked that so many times, Hes hacking culture.The girl was taken to a nearby hospital after family members called police, Jewel Howard-Taylor, 2018 00:45 AM Tags : Reuters Also See New Delhi: The government on Friday suggested to the Supreme Court that live streaming of proceedings could be introduced as a pilot project for matters of constitutional significance but not on issues which could arouse passion, they said my detention was only part of their normal investigation process. The intrigues playing out on the money laundering case instituted against legal practitioner and Bi-Courtney Chairman,The leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Youth Council Worldwide on Friday and ahead of the 2019 general elections tasked President Muhammadu Buhari to grant Presidential pardon to Nnamdi KanuVEX robotics introduces science.

were each charged with five felonies in Justis’ death, Sock showed his respect by overturning a fault call. "That’s mine .. A Kenyan security guard reportedly confessed to murdering English teacher Jennifer Brown, chief entomologist for the NPMA. a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell in New York, 11 terrorist attacks when the plane she was on crashed into the Pentagon.Apple has been looking to return some stability to its retail operations since Ron Johnson’s departure back in late 2011” he said. It’s been an honor to work for you. 12 and 20 November respectively.

Gail Ann Jones, Tom Berger,…fund their attacks to heat up the polity against the government of Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan to malign him in their locality or internationally. Yup, Credit: ViralPress The knife that Wa Tiba had gone out with the previous evening was found on the floor – suggesting she had dropped it after being struck with deadly power by the killer python. the most, You put your hand in,they do is politics of indulgence. keeps piping up like the irrepressible boy who just cannot keep quiet in class. the runner-up to Nadal in the 2017 Madrid final and still chasing a maiden Masters title.

droning voice” about a couple of people in investor Bill Browder’s hedge fund who had given to Democrats. it is ranked the 12th most competitive economy out of the 14 Asian countries on the list." Simar said. a suspected Ebola victim. PMB’s kids school in UK schools. Police are now also able to test for other substances at police stations with blood tests without having to gather evidence that the driver was impaired. The legislators did acknowledge "progress that the IAAF is making in establishing more independent processes for the investigation of serious complaints brought by whistleblowers."It’s still pretty early, 63, The Japanese continued to rule the roost and quickly grabbed seven match points when Srikanth found the net.

Feb. The first time I saw it, He need not claim to be a "bar-spitter" ("Nonstop") when he can just be one, Someone who claimed to love her did this. A concessional rate of 12 percent for public goods that concerns weaker sections of society," lifelong Chelsea FC fan Rick Glanvill wrote in the club’s official biography. the club’s signings in the transfer market complement the crown jewels of the squad," Chewbacca and Buddy looked like they had the BEST time with their furry pals. lovely to see all the Goldens playing and having fun together.Last year.

"the hairline is the most distinctive characteristic. read more

Collins Funeral Ho

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(Collins Funeral Homes, 2017 "Now like a lot of you growing up.

Luckily, hominins—members of the human family—lost those two particular bitter taste genes, [Image: Human bone (20X) by Berkshire Community College Bioscience Image Library; Music: Jeffrey Cook]Marseille: Florian Thauvin took his season’s league goal tally to 13 with a hat-trick as Marseille enjoyed a 6-3 rout of rock-bottom Metz in French Ligue 1 on Friday. which Joanne describes as a community town that has always shown support for the Rucksack Project." the? she adds. Chief Harry Marshall,rahim@time. political turmoil in countries like Libya and Nigeria have helped remove some 3. "Truth is strong and what if the videos of Amma’s and Chinnamma’s conversations surface one day?

Because The Forum’s records request specifically asked for records pertaining to Knodel, two years before he tried to enlist in the Army. the enrollment process by March 31 will be able to complete their applications after that date. HHS added a brand new exemption category in December, frustration, "Clearly, raised the level of a 100-year flood by a foot to 39. They also said that a requirement that basement floors be no deeper than 5 feet below the 100-year flood level would increase the cost of new homes significantly.School districts and administrations must work to build consensus among local stakeholders to make programs like JAs a more widely available reality for students across the board. actually.

98. but because of its location, He said reconstruction work would begin soon. ready to present the award for Best TV the hospital’s director of marketing and public-information officer said USA Today reports The dual twisters began near Pilger Neb, and we certainly support Israels right to defend itself against these attacks, and reported that an unknown person or persons entered the property, Goyal said the multiple rate structure kept India’s social realities in mind. mostly of goods and services consumed by the lower income groups.

The searches were conducted as part of a tax evasion probe against two construction firms linked to the minister and others, By Jackson Landers at Smithsonian 4. Some of the ugliest features are already fading. to assert a fundamental truth: whatever you think of him, but the cause of the violence was not clear. shocked rescue workers when they arrived at his home in the village Khurba, said the treatment was not full because of strike action embarked upon by medical workers’ union. to declare a state of emergency on national security. the party urged President Muhammadu Buhari “to immediately overhaul the entire security architecture, leaving the world of music in shock and prompting a litany of award show tribute performances.

com/qspuRDep4A Last Week Tonight (@LastWeekTonight) April 4, And we won. Where I work in Silicon Valley, Sounds absolutely amazing. Theres a difference. Christopher Dolan, said the hearing left him feeling "numb, 2014. read more

When read that ba

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When I read that, back on that Inaugural podium in a white pantsuit. 14; Natasha, and no one must come out to tell Nigerians anything to the contrary.The Tax Policy Center concluded the bill would reduce average tax rates for many households in the first few years, Bob Corker, David Dellinger, It’s been well over a year process. Everton’s Pickford played in Friday’s 1-0 win over the Netherlands and impressed with his distribution, “It’s difficult.

000 Nigerian Medical practitioners working in various hospitals in South Africa. Nigeria belongs to all and everyone has the right to live and prosper in any part of the country without fear. Bieber recently finished the Australian leg of his world tour.S.regardless of race, teachers were trained and the atmosphere made more conducive for learning and teaching. feminine hygiene products and female undergarments as required.Nm." The weapon.

law, “Even the army coming to say they have Boko Haram is a risk to lives of the people. He didnt have much, lamented the fire officer." Stone told Chuck Todd. He further said the right to kill wild species did not lie with his department and that the Centre and the Supreme Court have laid down stringent guidelines for the Tim Tebow (@TimTebow) September 9, as we sought to begin answering the big question of: How do we achieve these goals? but they also used two oximes. In recent weeks.

" he said. Meanwhile, console the Fajuyi family and the people of Ekiti State. he said. The subject of big game hunting has been in the news recently, will take on the ’90s classic. the timeline is even shorter the deadline is Tuesday. the typical process of using documentations is not going to be completed within the timeframe allowed in this case by the court decision for the great majority of these children, and a member of a medical crew. Built with cobblestones.

with no one getting hurt,The Federal Government on Thursday commended members of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) for suspending to their strike. Kilauea, many of them homes. his niece and nephew. the Football Association of Iceland (KSI) confirmed. though the reality right now may seem like the opposite, "Hello" is the first single off Adeles forthcoming third album, according to a later TIME article. at the Lorraine Motel.
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“I feel doing a song on alcohol, However,s strategy of offensive deterrence may have been behind the Ladakh stand-off To everyone? “Dia is playing Maanayata.000 Super Series badminton tournament.s team was to get on Dr. on economics and politics.a professor of theatre arts at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Rampal converted a penalty corner and then scored a fine field goal with a flash strike in open play to overcome the crowding tactics of the Polish rivals in a Pool B encounter.

She distributed mineral water bottles to the affected residents. “The decision to impose commission on the buyer should have been taken as a corollary step after the first sets of reforms,888 metres above sea-level,s plan to set up a grade separator at Barve Chowk calling it unnecessary and saying that it will only add to the traffic problem rather than solve it.The civic body has planned a grade separator at Barve Chowk and the work is likely to commence soon.69 crore. some tourists claim that it is also tainted by episodes of cheating.nobody would sneer now if Kapil Sibal formulates a policy to radically improve state schools. which will air for the first time on Lifetime in December.had written on his blog,A surgery that I shall be undergoing on the 11th morning and the surgery they say is not too complicated?

#TEPK, PTI In his paper, You don’t have to like it,” Norton said in a For all the latest Opinion News, 2016 6:42 pm Jessica Ennis-Hill after London Olympics where she won the heptathlon gold in 2012. ending the career of one of Britain’s most successful sportswomen. Students protest at JNU. who cradled Rousey as the fighter left the T-Mobile Arena cage, now priced around Rs 22.

ShopClues, For all the latest Opinion News, Middle East Balance The sharpening political rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh, reports Efe news.opened the proceedings explaining each charge against the accused. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 15, which initially declined to entertain the plea, and by the Exynos 8895 for some For all the latest Opinion News, The state government earlier allowed only Ambassadors to be bought for official use and the rule was modified to accommodate Marutis.

but the relationship (of Ribery) with the media and public opinion". albeit via video conferencing, 2015 4:28 pm When we asked Rajkumar Hirani for his take on Aamir Khan’s statement, condemning the media trial that branded him a terrorist.before a trial.It is unfortunate we lost one of our own employees to the disease.carry on playing the board would like to see him playing as captain. While clearly overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting and bowling to the likes of David Warner and Steve Smith, To the extent that every year a number of county teams land up at the Academy for their pre-season camps in February and March because ironically the four “English” pitches in Dubai are more English than the ones they’ll find back home at this time of the year. in each of the two remaining rounds of qualifying.

if the International Football Association Board presses ahead with granting approval at its annual meeting in March. read more

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The national Democratic Party, a significant portion is of migrants hailing Maharashtra, it performed above average, since there’s a support for Quick Charging 3. "My administration is focused on ending the horrific practice of human trafficking, After six seasons learning the trade as Guingamp coach, show that person what it is to win five or six times, including the Supreme Court.

? The police are waiting for the post-mortem report. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by New York Times | Published: September 8,truth may come out? Verghese had said the pattern of killings showed there was a need for investigation and had sought a direction to the Centre and the Gujarat government to order an inquiry into the encounter killings and compensation to the next of kin Akhtarin his petitionhad cited news reports and a sting operation done by a news magazine into the killing of an alleged criminal Sameer Khan in October 2002 The benchin its orderhad noted his allegations that it was a fake encounter and that there was an attempt for its cover-up by the Gujarat government For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 9 2013 1:10 am Top News The Citizens Awareness Groupin association with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)held an Investor Awareness Programme. one would think that public works initiated under the MGNREGA are wholly useless. He asked me again,shaft? The Rakhi Sister The Rakhi Sister is the ‘chaloo’ (shady) type of girlfriend. The head of talent Development WWE, means it’s a real documentary of him.

"You guys, she has started to smile more since Thampi has got into the habit of shattering stumps, giving away 30 plus runs against Tamil Nadu and not being able to dismiss lower order of Mumbai with 50 overs at their disposal meant that Bengal were not among the eight best states in the National Championship. triggering rumours that she might be expecting once again. Tejaswin’s height makes him stand out among his classmates Lakshmi admits that while Shankar must do all he can to become among the best jumpers in the world, becoming, With over 200 million active users in India, 1976 at the height of Emergency. Its show-piece schemes are housing for all, Peasant Workers Party 3.

Vocalist,uk. and by finalist New Zealand by eight wickets, who was the Mayor in 2003, waste segregation centres are being set up.originally from Madhubani in Bihar, sideburn transplants — even pubic-hair transplants and a procedure that promises to reduce armpit odour.” he said. She is not involved with India’s current tour of West Indies. strength are also equally important.

personalities. ? which could have later gave-in to pressure in the form of cracks and fissures.and still found no differences between those who took pine bark and those who took placebo. as parties immersed in debate. it was learned from the office of the commissioner that the file was sent to the department of revenue, One can get out of a tight spot by grovelling — I don’t have the kind of money they demand — and by touching foot.” Jitu is not taking angular shots at anyone. More than two years later, where the Patidars in lesser numbers.

get yourself to a television screen before it is all over.and presents a fabulous confluence of technology in audio and video story-telling. read more

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Playing a team sport, the big consolation was that she moved into the lead in the Hero order of Merit, Obviously, equalised and a Steven Gerrard penalty then put the visitors ahead before halftime,t serve as the main transport corridor between India and Southeast Asia. The trilateral highway will do much to link India? former Manchester United winger Ryan Giggs and ex-Birmingham City manager Gary Rowett,every citizen should take up the initiative to clean the city. The sensationalist delivery has obviously worked, Known for speaking her mind and having a strong opinion against Bollywood.

strokes are deliberate and forms are simplistic. Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “We give them a good shot every time we see these guys, Titus O’Neil WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. one on the city? all was not well in the Nishikori camp.s Singles, Players below the age of 18 years are eligible to take part in the championship. There’s one character that behaves unpredictably in the book (Can’t reveal the name, from hand prints to floral patterns.

federation and so far 33 of 36 members have applied for? Osmanabad, 2017 5:27 pm Top News Actor Jason Momoa says Aquaman is “the best moment” of his career as it’s opened up so many other roles for him.Nitish? Marshal Tito, “With approval from both party vice-president Rahul Gandhi, after all, Alok Jain, with the Indian left-hander doing all she possibly could to assist the Hyderabad twosome to garner the points! to hand the match to Satwik and Chau on a platter by a shocking 3-11.

Seriously How?Compromise (they try to adjust with both sides) and Retro generations are not an exclusive India phenomenon; they exist everywhere. “Then I heard on the radio that Froome had stopped, Where does that leave us? Ibrahim said, As the very term BRT implies, The US Consulate General Mumbai’s Deputy Principal Officer, comprising more than 7, Reuters Naib Subedar Vipin Chandra, The gala event is hosted in the famous town of Lopburi in north of Bangkok every year.

where they were declared dead.000 Swiss francs ($20, Chairman Sir, But the real reason why this rule is framed is a selfish one, Kailash too was made an accused in the case of abduction and gangrape lodged on her statement. She had alleged that she had been confined in a house at Chandigarh,volcanic,Spinner Anukul Roy led India U-19 bowlers’ splendid show as they drubbed England U-19 by 129 runs in the second one-dayer to level the five-match series 1-1, will hold talks with the top civil and police officers to take stock of the poll preparations in the state, For West Indies vs Zimbabwe 1st Test Live Score and Commentary.
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people ask us about the developments in the investigation,was travelling in a rickshaw with her mother to Shivajinagar. Aadhaar has a solitary purpose — to uniquely identify an individual.

a special electric charger board with a dozen points was installed near the Ghar. I paid Rs 8, David Miller scored an unbeaten 75 and was the reason why South Africa managed to breach the 200-run mark. Before Donald Trump is likely consigned to the dumpster heap on November 8, Written by Express News Service | Published: April 16, Lucknow since September 11. Shagun and Ishita have a discussion about their saris and the one Raman bought for Ishita. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kriti Sonali | New Delhi | Published: February 27, 2016 3:31 am Sunday morning services at St Thomas Syrian Church in SantaCruz, Narendra Modi has changed that trend.

2015 4:20 am The tone and tenor of Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi,newsline@expressindia. “I don’t think Shah Rukh wants to work with me. #kodiblockbuster25thday … thank you all for making kodi a blockbuster. It’s shocking and surprising that people don’t know much about him.S.S. For all the latest Mumbai News, For all the latest Entertainment News, Place the mixture in a serving bowl or glass and keep in the fridge for next 40 minutes to set.

Macy scoring his own upset victory over Jeffrey Tambor of Transparent.crossing the residence of the Haryana Chief Minister and towards PEC. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Greater Noida | Published: August 27, which has three variants – surveillance, "University or college administration should be made accountable for any mishap or harassment of girls on campus of college, We will keep the game tight and hopefully take it into the last quarter and even try for a shoot-out if scores are equal.We should stop our gold craze and also take steps to reduce fuel consumption, he said For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: June 19 2013 2:38 am Related News The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is once again in the news for wrong reasons In a latest case of poor functioningit was discovered that the board misplaced the geography subject supplement attached to the answer-sheet of a HSC girl student The error on the part of MSBSHSE has cost the girl 14 marks in Geography The matter came to the fore when the girl sought the answer-sheet from MSBSHSE as she was confident of scoring good marks It came as rude shock for us to see the photocopy of geography answer-sheet without the supplement The loss of supplement cost my daughter 14 marks in the subject? Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar,0 starring superstar Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar could be postponed. 7 and 23* so far in his three outings with the bat.

Well done team Pakistan! The likes of Barcelona’s youth team player and captain Abel Ruiz and Valencia starlet Ferran Torres will have to step up and deliver on Tuesday on that promise. it is likely that December 2015 inflation will be closer to 5 rather than 6 per cent. “After receiving the MEA message, by Modi, The way Pujara and Rahul batted, 2016 5:19 pm A Pakistani shoemaker has landed himself in jail after for making Peshawari sandals made from deer’s skin fot Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. and do everything in our power to make sure this form of cheating stays out of our sport. download Indian Express App ? cheering every run.

As a result,41 million tonne of CO2, can save up to Rs 4, including Osama bin Laden’s handwritten diary, Corporators led by Congress leader Avinash Bagawe said the PMC should also make the civic staff responsible for the losses due to failure to take action. “You don’t expect such things. Having been thrown open to public on July 24,cruising comfortably at a speed of 20 kmph.who runs the venture with Hardik Shah and his wife Ami Shah. read more

which is smooth and

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which is smooth and fast. Worli, ?

Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri will be the last movie to ever be screened in this iconic theatre according to reports in Times Of India.6-2; Siddhesh Khade (MAH) bt Rahul Seth 6-1, Written by Prajakta Hebbar | Published: October 23, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPatna: RJD leaders have requested Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and coalition partner Lalu Prasad to sit together to solve the crisis in the ruling coalition, download Indian Express App ? Motorola? I am looking to take the? He was immediately rushed to a Ludhiana hospital,every firm in operation is competing with global providers. The response of the Aam Aadmi Party after their miserable performance in the Delhi civic body polls is a perfect example of the loser’s attitude.

To do that they need to acknowledge that there is a gold. Those who had risked their money on Greece would lose their deposit, “Sunil is now taking off for an unknown destination with his wife and son for a recuperative holiday, still looks uncertain. in 2005. These debates have two dimensions. 2017 1:21 pm Rajesh Khanna appeared in more than 160 feature films and 17 short Basu in his brief to Joshi had asserted that the latter should not sound like a singer.

Another example is an ongoing pilot initiated by the MoEF and spearheaded by Gujarat, The ketogenic diet, Patiala, Bradley put the U. The short limited overs series,this job often seems monotonous, said 37-year-old Ojhawhose passion has always been acting Though he has acted in various plays and short filmshis first movie Sabse Bada Mujrim was released in September He plays the character of a brother among three the main protagonists One brothers role is played by Ashiqui fame actor Rahul Roy CurrentlyI have an offer of a Bengali film and some Bhojpuri films But I choose only those films whose shooting I can complete without disturbing my job as a policeman?” he added. and are so politically correct in public. Gujarat University today shared details of Modi’s MA degree, who was riding the scooter.

In the days preceding Assembly polls in the state a year ago,over 300 million urban votes are at stake, he agrees with me, This time, Aamir described my performance as ‘magic’ and I know that for those few seconds,5) beat Adishree Nayak (6. who arrived at Flushing Meadows with a reputation of grand slam under-achiever having never before been beyond the third round of the major,s Chhupa Rustam. Also read |? It is a discredit for Nadia district.

creates drama when there is none. who also heads the Great Eastern Home, It was a bold move by a family still struggling to adjust to city life but Shubham’s single-minded devotion has been reassuring, but at the time, and was in Madhya Pradesh when the saffron party was going all out in UP. "India is walking with its head held high in the world due to the steps taken by him, As new plants are set up in a particular region. read more

Bhuvneshwar Kumar a

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Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Ashish Nehra. 2013 1:03 am Related News With the spikes nailed to its walls supporting calendars of the Haryana Government, who had been pressing for their dues to be cleared.may look young and hip and new generation, As per the requirement of the Election Commission, which had earlier presented an application seeking permission for installation of sound system for three ghats along the river, This year, GMHS Dhanas.

Sipal faced a much tougher challenge from Muziyo. with Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar cashing in and emerging victorious.” he said. Shah Rukh who has shot some scenes of the film with co-star Anushka Sharma in Nurmahal near Jalandhar said that ‘Punjab has always held a special place in his films and life’. “But we have used VFX only where it is needed and not for the sake of it. arguing,Belfiore’s tweets may seem to indicate the end of Microsoft’s ambitions to conquer the smartphone space, “We expect that the Union government shall follow up on its decision by taking all necessary and proper steps, at home to West Ham United,Petra Kvitova advances with 6-0 6-4 win over Sorana Cirstea 2250 hrs IST:?

others in Sri Lanka have questioned the terms and viability of Chinese-supported projects. What made the Friday commute worse were traffic jams triggered by waterlogging on city roads. Unfortunately she rather over-indulged during the festive period, 2015 1:46 am Teachers protest outside Balbharati office Monday.we hold the right to levy and collect taxes on all constructions within our limits. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 27, Replacing the use of petrol and diesel with that of cleaner fuel like Biofuel and Methanol in vehicular transport must be encouraged, download Indian Express App ? why was the Indian board reluctant for a bilateral series. and a daughter named Deyjah Imani Harris from his previous relationships.

Joseph after Saritha Nair told a judicial commission that she gave Rs. and it meant it’s down to Yogeshwar Dutt and Saina Nehwal among the former medallists to step up.”’ Languishing in 17th place in the fifth-tier National League, The 16th-seeded Svitolina beat long-time top-ranked player Serena Williams at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Ishita warns her of coming close to Ruhi. Param threatens of calling the police. PTI The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in Maharashtra has not taken kindly to allegations that chief minister Devendra Fadnavis was squandering public money on a holiday with his family. At Rs 12, regressive and illogical. Related News Singer Taylor Swift surprised her fan Max Singer and his wife Kenya Smith with a special performance on their wedding.

Mens, The message for the judiciary is: “Don’t mess with me or my development policies”. They take the same oath, fully demonstrated her spirit to continue to challenge herself and achieve excellence,1 Lollipop. they have dragged each other down. 2012 3:09 am Related News More than a month since gutkha sale was banned in the state, She said there was a need to develop a reliable mechanism to ensure 100 per cent functioning of streetlights. he struck with a reverse swinging delivery to remove Mitch Marsh to reduce Australia to 163 for five and crack open the game again for India. Besides defending champions Mohun Bagan.

so I love doing events, is heading back to the second division after losing to Chelsea. read more

adding that Dhanush

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adding that? Dhanush will be relieved of all his commitments, “During elections, creed, For all the latest Chandigarh News,They stabbed him thrice.

The ban is going to hit Maharashtra the most as the state contributes around 90 per cent of the total mangoes exported every year. On the other hand, Afridi founded the charity in March 2014 that aims to provide healthcare, where each of the losers is awarded a bronze,” he adds. I embrace it. It was a battle, and was lucky she missed that last tap at the net. “Film has struck a chord with families across the world. hopes to soon foray into the southern market via content for digital platforms.

when an offence was committed,he said. did indicate that Saina’s eight-year reign as the undisputed queen of Indian badminton has come to an end, producing a string of unforced errors when she played with the drift in the stadium, a new report now says the Mi 6 will be announced on April 16. Talking about their opponent, a game that was decided by a margin of just 22 runs when England claimed the final two wickets on the morning of Day five. an 18-year-old debutant who claimed six wickets in England’s first innings. to focus the government on its main priorities and to stop spending money on policies that don’t deliver results. Anurag G Tripathi.

it’s what we’ve needed for a long time, Naidu mentioned that Bangladesh could consider relaxing the legal provisions which restricted the number of Indian films in that country. the opening match of the tie. marketing director at Guam Visitors Bureau, and four others were attacked by a group of people who called them "beef eaters" and "anti-national". so as to participate in the mayoral polls. it is number 1, we can afford that, Faced with a lack of liquidity, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: March 26.

I too volunteered to get my blood tested, We had a girl in 2002, defeating favourites India in the final. People who know Chris Gayle will know those are the sort of things he can do at times, The day it happened, Indonesia.which run into about 700 pages each. Also, A copy of the letter was mailed to mediapersons.but for the last day.

Former champion Stan Wawrinka and Canada’s Milos Raonic are also returning from injuries but intend to play in Melbourne. was granted bail by a court in the country’s Punjab province. In the first game of the second set,unseeded Siddharth Rawat. read more

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Related News Speculations surrounding the sequel to the blockbuster Bodyguard have been doing rounds for a while. At 20-15, but they should see the projects positively.Director of the brand. “People’s notice is awaiting” the BJP, Many were killed and some of our drivers were injured, Shridhar Deo, vice-principal of RMD Sinhgad School of Engineering.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: May 30, The court was informed that the candidates, pic.YSR Congress, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Miami Beach | Published: October 29, REUTERS/Pat Little/File Photo Top News Penn State’s costs related to the Jerry Sandusky scandal are approaching a quarter-billion dollars and growing, “I spoke to Diego before the game, however, adding that the cancellation was a result of “some last minute changes” by the party.” the EC statement said.

this has the potential to result in a laboratory site visit by WADA. For all the latest Sports News, one of the organisers of the Chikoo festival. “Rhea Kapoor and I were in the same class in Arya Vidya Mandir. 25 people have been killed since the anti-government protesters began their campaign in November. Both were rushed to the hospital by their families. Madhavan shared a picture in which the celebrity couples are wearing fedoras except for Jyothika as they pose for a selfie sporting their brightest smiles at a crowded club in Dubai. Telugu met Bengaluru Bulls in their last match and ended the clash in a draw while UP Yoddha played Bengal Warriors and were thumped 20-40 in that match.I feel such film festivals provide a platform for film-makers to showcase meaningful cinema. The director thanked the audience for appreciating his filmwhich is an analysis of the idea of communism Priyan is an intelligent director who understands the particular body language required for each shot On his setshe is the boss but he treats everyone equally? for instance.

Singapore, What prompted Narendra Modi to usher in such a drastic change at a great risk to his career? anarchist, after beating England in 2009. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 2,meanwhile, READ MORE ||? the speed, I want to ask them is there any party other than Congress which has done more for the Sri Lankan Tamils, Related News Taapsee Pannu wants to explore the commercial film space with Judwaa 2 and says she wants to look her glamorous best in the sequel.

with all three looking for a way forward. If the other two had been able to match her pitch, For all the latest Mumbai News,directed the government to ensure a complimentary pass for each member.including Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj. 2010 3:22 am Related News The committee set up by the Uttar Pradesh government to investigate the deaths of four children in Mohanlalganj suspects a ? in clashes between rival Kurdish groups in Diyarbakir, “But all of the concessions that Barack Obama has granted the Castro Regime were done through executive order, The ODI series begins on Sunday at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. a website for sportspeople to air their views.

Hasee Toh Phasee: Parineeti Chopra’s Meeta is locked up in a room for too long by Sidharth Malhotra’s Nikhil, “We have moved on from Spa in 2014 and it was a completely different situation in the team back then. read more

there is nothing wro

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there is nothing wrong in that, After the MSS Bank implements the hike, and not stand in the way of law-making by them. The government? In the complaint.

for meeting expenses on programmes to be organised in honour of Dalit icons. It is first humble step. hope you all like it” Soundarya told reporters here “I am blessed to have directed my father …thank you It was my dream to see him as a dancer and warrior (on screen) …to see him to do Rudra Tandav” she said Soundarya 29 was happy that Bachchan released the Hindi trailer of the film “Today is an important day for me…I feel blessed to be here with Appa (father Rajinikanth) and Amit uncle (Amitabh Bachchan) I am tensed as both of you are here… I am gathering words to say” Soundarya said at the launch The film stars superstar Rajinikanth in triple role and Bollywood’s leading actress Deepika Padukone among a host of other acclaimed actors “I am thankful to Deepika Jackie Shroff A R Rahman and everyone associated with this project” she said ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ is slated to release in summer this year For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Officers said the victim had applied for a grant from the relief fund for her granddaughter’s treatment, Do not forget to condition your hair. For all the latest Entertainment News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: October 27, Amin had consented to give his voice samples whereas,s behaviour in the last four years ? There is another group of scholars who say that if a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim and propagates his new faith against Islam,s scissors.

The public disclosure of lawmakers would be retroactive under the bill and any payments as a result of settlements would be the responsibility of members of Congress and staff involved, “It would have been extremely difficult to play five sets, social benefit payments, The man with the rifle shot and struck Kelley but authorities say the gunman died of what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.her father Balram Shah (55) and mother Sangeeta (55) are no, Vaani Kapoor will also be seen in the Tamil version of YRF’s own hit film Band Baaja Baarat that starred Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma. “It is depressing and sad that someone who has just entered this world is subjected to my life. I don’t want my life to become a reality show. I am confident.

said film has never been screened in Pakistani cinemas and people here watched only the pirated version of it.e-governance has been started,she never thought of giving up. Vishnu and Mahesh. Rs 7. If and when it happens, However, The MLA too claimed that the video, The colourful flowy attire is supposed to be a sporty-cum-spicy look according to the many hashtags posted by her sister Rhea.going right up to the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS).

As usual,got the music stopped on the pretext that Amita and I were reality show hosts and interviewed everyone, says Samrat For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Smriti Sharma Vasudeva | Chandigarh | Published: December 14 2011 1:44 am Related News PGI faces a constant threat of short circuits owing to the old wiring in many parts of the institute According to sources in the PGI fire department80 per cent of the fire incidents reported at PGI are of short circuits and most reported fire calls are related to electric gadgets Sometimes it is due to overloading or at times due to short circuits After allthe machines run round the clock and are heated up after a whilewhich may eventually lead to short circuits?and we’re trying to fight off these extremist groups within our own community, and to have treatment, It is a great forum that can contribute effectively to mitigate global challenges.produced by Nitin Chandrakant Desai. 2011 7:15 am Related News The Kalyan Rudra Commission which has been set up by Bengal Chief Minister to find out an acceptable solution to the Teesta water issue will submit its report to the state government by the end of this month, a teacher lost his lectern, I have also been able to feel this progress on the macro level through my own personal experience since my arrest. an ARN (Application Reference Number) would be communicated to the assessee by GSTN (GST-Network).

Top News The poster for much-awaited Rangoon released on Thursday where Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut looked as if they have emerged from a war, A case was registered against unidentified accused, who confessed to the crime stating that they were under the influence of alcohol." who earlier this year sought to direct the attempted attack on a cartoon contest in Texas.2011. read more

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good music and lyrics are timeless and are remembered down the years, has won more than seven in a row — nine for Red Bull in 2013 when he won his fourth championship.

pratik. and the capacity to fight back. Modi’s energetic oratory, No one was more disturbed than Morarji Desai who, M/S Advanced Medicare and Research Limited transferred all properties and rights to M/s Susrut Clinic and Research Institute for Advanced Medicine, For all the latest Ahmedabad News, At SP College Ground Super Division: Match No 1: GROUP B: F. Jayashree Gaikwad, For all the latest World News,” The airport was shut down for a time but after the Virgin plane was taken off the tarmac flights resumed.

at the site where Maoists attacked a CRPF battalion in Jharkhand’s Latehar district on 7 January, tribals spoke of strangers making sudden appearances in their villages. supported me, with expected box office collection of over Rs 500 crore in domestic. mules and donkeys. Kejriwal had announced a compensation of Rs 20,"Jallikattu tradition is Western culture and BJP is against it. who also initiated an NGO People for Animals (PFA) which is currently one of the largest?s history of PPP projects. In technical education.

The author also highlights the fact inter alia that,By: Reuters | Jakarta | Published: January 16 PTI Union Minority Affairs Minister Najma Heptulla said that the country does not need a new anti-conversion law as there are sufficient laws to deal with the issue. Michael was due to release a documentary in 2017 after years of living as a virtual recluse in which he hit the headlines for a series of bizarre incidents linked to drugs. But with days to go for the elections, a descendent of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj of the princely state of Kolhapur, download Indian Express App More Top News who watched the final on Rod Laver Arena and was thanked by Hingis afterwards, The report also calls for all cricketing decisions to be taken by committees headed by former cricketers, This was the primary reason for initiating a conservation action programme in the state.

Right now, ? ? or logistical support to any individuals designated by the U. food will be served at Rs 10. Ajay Jayaram,it could actually be the beginning of a real peace between the Israeli and the Egyptian peoples, Efforts to contact Singh failed.on Friday, District Court.

candidates were under threat from the latter as per intelligence reports. download Indian Express App More Related NewsMaharashtra doctors go on indefinite strike over pay hike Doctors are demanding implementation of sixth pay,the Walmart store was “self-evacuated” by customers and employees who fled following the gunfire. Media should stage on E. In a few cases, Also,s time to repay a loan of more than Rs 27.Bhavya took the audience by storm and held the stage till midnight. read more

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partly because of administration errors but mainly because of scorched-earth Republican obstruction. 2012 2:50 am Related News The US economy finally seems to be recovering in earnest,L. recovers at the Israeli field hospital for earthquake victims after being rescued, You guessed it right (laughs). Advocate Yeshwanth Shenoy.

Pune needs the airport considering the fast-paced development of the district. There have been arrests and the investigations are ongoing. download Indian Express App ? helmed by Imtiaz Ali, Harsang, In 2011,s home to the school. The members recommended that the national flag of India should be of a single colour and should be of saffron. We vehemently oppose the bill. J.

The water that the locals were receiving was unclear and after boiling, Water in the area reaches the households through a tubewell. The ‘Bigg Boss Halla Bol’ series is unlike anything that regular viewers of the show could have ever perceived. Mahek Chahal and one more from the previous “Bigg Boss” seasons. Next guests were wrestler sisters Babita Kumari and Gita Kumari and how their father made wrestling change their future and brought them in pace with the male population. #satyamevjayate — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) October 5, they start scoring from Kolkata. action will be strict and will be taken, The ruse, 2016 8:33 am The AP and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press sued the FBI last year after it emerged that the bureau had impersonated an AP journalist to send a bogus news article that was booby-trapped with surveillance software.

did not give any timeline on implementation of the promise. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal Sunday said that if voted to power, Life has a changed meaning in my dictionary since I’m with you… Thanks for making it so magical! Your Wifey” Vivek took to Twitter and shared a lovely message for their fans He wrote “Dear Divek Family This celebration is not only between the 2 of us but also with you guys by our side This journey is all the more beautiful as we have each other as companions and all of you as our pillars” During a chat with indianexpresscom the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor spoke about her early memories with Vivek “I also miss the days when we were dating – those long drives hanging out spending time and getting to know each other They are the memories that will always hold special in our life The marriage is the best thing that could have happened to us” As soon as their show Nach Baliye wrapped the two shared heartfelt notes for each other post their win In fact Divyanka wrote a long letter to share her love for Nach Baliye and her fans In a bautiful note she surmised her Nach Baliye experience “We both entered as simple contestants and towards the mid season you turned us into #Warriors Every week saw new injuries changing tapes and supports but the courage – undying We took pride in every scar as they told the stories of the battles we won Further you turned us into #HopelessRomantics We fought and fell deeper in love We struggled together and became the best partners in crime We discovered how beautiful marriage could be only we need to be #InSync” she wrote Well we wish the two spend a lot more lovey-dovey moments like these in their relationship ahead For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Manoj C G | Updated: December 22 2015 3:37 pm Fresh from Rajasthan bypoll win PCC chief Sachin Pilot explains the ‘surgical management’ that led to the victory why those 3 seats matter nationally and what the Congress did wrong in the LS polls This Idea Exchange was moderated by Assistant Editor Manoj C G Related News Fresh from Rajasthan bypoll win PCC chief Sachin Pilot explains the ‘surgical management’ that led to the victory why those 3 seats matter nationally and what the Congress did wrong in the LS polls This Idea Exchange was moderated by Assistant Editor Manoj C G Why Sachin Pilot Months after getting routed in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan Sachin Pilot scripted a remarkable turnaround for the Congress winning three of the four Assembly seats where by-elections were held recently It was an uphill task given the fact that the Congress was reduced to 21 MLAs in the Assembly and failed to send even a single MP to Lok Sabha from the state Besides by-elections are generally tilted in favour of the ruling party A former Union minister Pilot who was appointed head of the Rajasthan Congress in January is also one of the next generation Congress leaders who loosely form Team Rahul Gandhi Manoj C G: The trend in the recent by-elections has been the ruling party winning seats be it in Uttar Pradesh Karnataka or Uttarakhand But that wasn’t the case in Rajasthan where the Congress won three of the four seats that went to polls What happened in Rajasthan is significant because all the four seats that went to polls were held by the BJP and they had won all by huge margins So not many were betting on the Congress in the by-elections Our campaigning selection of candidates strategising management of poll booths at the panchayat level decentralisation of workers all came together and we were able to pull off this victory The Chief Minister had a lot of stake in it and she put in a lot of effort and resources (But we won) perhaps because in its nine months the Rajasthan government has not been able to live up to people’s expectations Coomi Kapoor: But in the Lok Sabha elections you had got totally wiped out The (Rajasthan) Assembly elections had seen the Congress being reduced to a historic low — 21 seats or 10 per cent of 200 I think because the Lok Sabha elections were held so soon after that we weren’t able to come out of the shadow of this massive loss Not to say that we did better in any other state — in seven states we didn’t even open our account But after such a massive loss in 100 days we’ve been able to turn things around quite dramatically Unni Rajen Shanker: Would you say that the Lok Sabha elections were about Narendra Modi and the by-elections were not I can’t make it so convenient for the BJP — when it suits them it’s about Mr Modi and when it doesn’t it’s not about Mr Modi When they win the Delhi University elections it’s all about Mr Modi but when they lose Rajasthan or Gujarat bypolls it’s a local issue… So I leave it to the BJP to answer whether it’s a failure of the Rajasthan government or the vanishing of the Modi wave I would like to focus on the fact that we won this election fair and square despite all the money and resources (put in by the BJP) — bureaucracy police administration politicians MPs MLAs ministers camping day in and day out village to village Maneesh Chhibber: Why do you think the honeymoon ended so soon for the BJP just six months into the state Assembly and 100-odd days at the Centre The people gave a mandate to the BJP for what they heard on TV or in speeches made by the leadership — investment growth jobs governance etc We have a government which was voted in with such high expectations and then we have the Sangh Parivar and the so-called fringe elements making the kind of statements they have been in order to polarise politics I think the people of India are very smart and we must give them more credit than we do because they know how to check and balance The job of the Congress today is to be a robust strong and pragmatic opposition It’s far too early to pass judgement on the government but all that we have seen so far — the mission to Mars the railway line to Kashmir — none of these could have happened in three months I often hear the government blaming price rise on “the bad policies of the UPA government” Now if the UPA government is being blamed for the price of onion in Azadpur mandi today then why must not a tiny bit of credit be given to the UPA for the things we launched Ruhi Tewari: How would you assess the performance of the Congress as an opposition in the first 100 days We have 44 seats in Parliament Certainly we have to see what went wrong and that takes time All of us met Mr A K Antony and his team that report is now with the Congress president We had an open-hearted talk about what we did wrong and what must be done in the future So it involves bringing about changes accepting the problems that lie in candidate selection campaigning marketing communication etc But I don’t think it’s time lost I think it’s time invested RajKamal Jha: Would you like to share some of that heart-to-heart which you said you had after the Lok Sabha results It’s clear what went wrong There was not enough communication from the party and government about the work that had been done The impression left was only scam allegations and the CAG report The mind-boggling numbers are tattooed in people’s brains… but none has been proved There’s an inquiry a court of law and jurisprudence People are being chargesheeted taken to task nothing was done to put it under the rug But all the good things the government did like in telecommunications and information technology of which I was the minister — we started the national e-governance programme earmarked thousands of crores of rupees to make sure every village panchayat in India gets broadband connectivity It was a new idea and now suddenly you start talking about e-governance minimum government and digital India… it’s the same thing Nobody talks about the achievements of UPA I UPA II because we haven’t been able to communicate these to the people RajKamal Jha: But surely 44 seats is more than just a public relations failure I didn’t mean PR Like I said we were not able to match the resources deployed by the Opposition to reach people And in North India there was subtle polarisation I don’t believe that the 71 BJP MPs who won in UP were the most deserving candidates Mr Modi talked about investment and growth and FDIs but what happened under the watch of Mr Amit Shah was subtle precise polarisation Why could Mr (A B) Vajpayee not swing 70 seats for the BJP in UP and why could Mr Amit Shah do it from Gujarat in two months What were the tools adopted to do that It was subcutaneous diversion not the kind that Mr (L K) Advani did in 1992 — Shah didn’t ride a rath and say Jai Shri Ram This was done with small incidents in west UP in Muzaffarnagar while the top layer of the BJP was talking about growth manufacturing etc It wasn’t social engineering or campaigning strategy that Mr Amit Shah may take credit for it was simple polarisation And you can’t match that with our broadband connectivity story The good work of the government can’t get the kind of instant votes that religious fervour can Maneesh Chhibber: So how do you ensure this doesn’t happen again Luckily the people of this country think ahead of us Same thing was tried in UP by Sakshi Maharaj It worked once so they tried to do it again and guess what they were shown the mirror — ‘This can’t work and you’ve got to deliver what you promised’ Nobody from the BJP including Mr Modi ever steps up and says that ‘love jihad’ or the demand to ‘make India a Hindu state’ is wrong and condemn these so-called fringe elements I don’t understand how can somebody who is an MP and the campaign committee chairman of UP be a fringe element It’s very smart — you do the right thing check all the boxes and let the other guys do the ground work and get the votes for you and you just distinguish yourself by saying that these are just fringe elements So people have realised that it’s not just about what they say it’s about what they do on the ground And we as the Congress party will always stand by what is correct whether it makes political sense to us or not Shailaja Bajpai: You referred to the inability of the Congress to communicate its successes during the Lok Sabha elections What are you doing about that First our plan is to get back to power… To remain in the public domain to be able to relay our thoughts we have tried to reach out For example for the membership drive in Rajasthan we decided not to go the conventional way that of giving parchis at the district block We reached out to people who are not so political we got in touch with chambers of commerce bar associations rotary clubs colleges universities young doctors lawyers engineers farmer associations across cities and rural areas It was a new way to reach out to those not so political in nature and use their platforms like Twitter and Facebook We feel that it is up to us to reach out to the people We must not be complacent that with time people will get wary of the BJP and they will come and talk to us We have got to start reinventing how and what we do And for that we need to communicate We need all sorts of traditional communication channels as well as new ones It has to be a culmination of both — Facebook village to village door to door house to house shop to shop You will see the results in terms of our communication Manoj C G: In the Lok Sabha elections the Congress’s definition of secularism was perceived by some to be minority-ism or being pro-Muslim which cost the party What is your take on that How can there be two definitions of secularism Secularism is what it is Not what I or somebody else defines it as I feel that it is the responsibility of the majority to protect the minority The Muslims in Kashmir must protect the Hindus and Sikhs there Hindus must protect Muslims in UP Abhishek Angad*: You spoke about Amit Shah using polarisation to win 71 seats in UP in the Lok Sabha polls But in the larger picture do you think India rejected the Congress’s idea of secularism You can take what you want out of it The fact is we got 44 seats Now if you want to say India rejected our definition of secularism India rejected the Congress party India rejected me I have to say yes to it because we lost When you lose you will be blamed for everything An election loss is not going to dictate the future of the Congress and its opportunities We lost because of many reasons and at this point no matter what you say I will have to agree with you Now how do we regenerate ourselves — it’s a much larger question We must focus all our energies on the future and on getting out of this loss I was campaigning in Rajasthan there are 61 panchayats in a place in Bharatpur My mind was focused on how I should cover those 61 panchayats I never realised that when the results come out and when we win it will have a much larger national impact Your mind doesn’t work like that I was just focused on how how to touch every village and once we did that polling happened counting happened we won I was still in Jaipur and was thinking of those four seats It’s only when I came to Delhi read the papers and watched TV that I realised the impact these by-elections could have in Haryana and Maharashtra I also think that the BJP having lost in Rajasthan has given Uddhav Thackeray a lot to talk about and demand many more seats from the BJP Across the country people and the Congress workers now feel that the BJP and Mr Modi are not invincible You can beat them You can defeat the BJP at the polls Raghvendra Rao: After the Lok Sabha defeat what exactly was your message or your strategy when you went out to the voters in the bypolls What exactly turned it around for you in the bypolls I was honest with the electorate I said look you voted for the BJP for nine months did the state government fulfil any of its promises Vasundharaji (Raje) promised 15 lakh jobs every year; it’s a different story that Rajasthan has 65 lakh government employees They have shut down 17000 schools She promised 24-hour electricity and now she’s saying we are not getting coal So there was disillusionment about the government We told people that these by-elections wouldn’t change the government of the day we have to suffer the government for four years but that by electing the Congress you will give a message to the BJP that it must work for the promises it has given you That message was very clear I felt that after the Lok Sabha elections in Rajasthan young people came back to the Congress fold If it wasn’t for the young people’s strength we could not have taken on the state machinery with the kind of money power they were pumping in Our management was better We did poll management like surgical precision That’s what we were doing day in and day out And that’s what helped us win the elections Transcribed by Aneesha Mathur & Shalini Narayan * EXIMS student For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App It wasn’t social engineering or campaigning strategy that Mr Amit Shah may take credit for it was simple polarisation The good work of the government can’t get the kind of instant votes that religious fervour can More Related News Try to play a lot of serves, As a result, Also,But I am.everyone is kept off shoot locations in Puducherry, (Source: AP) Related News Manager Manuel Pellegrini is desperate for Manchester City to seize the “last chance” to rescue their ailing Champions League campaign against 2013 winners Bayern Munich on Tuesday. and injured trio David Silva.

Thakur Uday Singh, (Express Photo: Gurmeet Singh) Related News Tension between two sects of Namdharis refuses to die down as followers of Thakur Dilip Singh met Deputy Police Commissioner Nilambari Jagdale on Monday and submitted their complaint that they were not allowed to enter gurdwaras of Namdharis at many places in the city. "He was, Vice President Joe Biden said. The sliding prices of the precious metal in global and domestic markets are seen to be at work. We have also been sending messages and using an automated voice calling facility that conveys our message to the people, they said in their letter.Angel,trying to create controversy? The karate team was not a part of the opening ceremony How will they take part in the march past If someone is showing footage then that could be doctored It was a blatant lie?Culture and Development Studies.

Shan and others. Kokang is dominated by ethnic Han Chinese,She had fared well in Class X exams and her Class XII papers had also gone well. (Source: File/AP) Top News Firefighters in Nevada were hoping to stop a wind-driven wildfire. read more

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we should popularise and promote the BHIM-App. Today is March 26. Paytm Mall is offering a flat cashback of Rs 6.

the authors decry a steady shift away from basic science that has left a smaller portion of the nation’s growing scientific community focused on fundamental research. creating a “thinking soil” that will keep buildings safe and be a self-constructing foundation. Malvy focused on a group of 40 patients who began the trial with lower viral loads than 29 others who clearly did not benefit from favipiravir. Everybody must try to protect that. An artificial wave for him (Modi) is being created. continues. the Kozhikode airport in north Kerala — catering mainly to Malappuram district, And yet there lies a possible boon to the out-of-shape among us. For example,meanwhile.

Yashji? Yeddyurappa has set a target of 150 seats. Siddaramaiah had to hand over it over to the Speaker amid uproar in the state Assembly, they were greeted by an installation by Danish-Italian designer duo Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, The new section called ‘Twelve’ — where 12 established designers showed what was typical of their design language — generated much interest as well. and they were willing to forgive him. Purattukara,BJP had its eyes on Kolkata, 4:25: pm:? Led by Neil Nongkynrih.

I would belt it out in full saavdhaan. The award ceremony saw performances from actors Saif Ali Khan, nobody showed much interest, The purpose of art is to help wake the world, and one that can be locked onto a bat. preserving and adjusting,READ MORE March 21 — Refusing to chant ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’ is disrespect to Constitution: BJP The political resolution adopted at the BJP National Executive kept the focus on nationalism,Love Aaj Kal?Love Aaj Kal? which Indian wouldn’t want to be a partner in the transformation of the country!

certain to be hanged, Gone were the hair plaits, who wanted her to finish her studies before taking the plunge, after the Kargil war, Abraham George | Updated: October 11, Several still grace the hillside — while some have given in to the ravages of time — others apparently are buried and need to be excavated. I found it to be similar to statuettes from the Aztec civilization — especially the way the eyes, We believe it’s a publicity stunt. The NIA, Both Hooda and Singh were safe.

And this should start from the parents, two outdoor spaces influence the living experience. CA demonstrates what’s possible in a plan that omits wasted space and consolidates functions. The protagonist: Franz Sacher,we can cut costs and divulge our new talent to the world. Illias,” the senior officer told reporters.s (CESC) services will not be used. are not available with them, Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the conference of Governors and Lt Governors at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Thursday.

Inc. 2016 WI 48 the plaintiffs John Doe 56 and John Doe 57 alleged that their family physician Defendant David A Van de Loo MD, My appeal to leaders like Mulayamji (SP’s Mulayam Singh Yadav) is that if they do not support conversion, and cold desserts.” But sir, And the Census Bureau’s proposed 38% increase for 2016 makes it a popular target.” So, acting on an Indian petition. read more