The value of sina micro blog may have been much lower than the market expected

, author of this article is snowball user why0725, originally from snowball

because of the constant failures and bad luck of the management, the value of sina and micro-blog has depreciated substantially, and the users have migrated from Sina micro-blog to Tencent WeChat. Sina’s central value is around $35. Investors even need to think about whether Sina could be completely reset like MySpace.

in 2011, when Sina’s share price reached $147, investors wanted Sina and micro-blog to achieve huge commercial value in three ways: read more

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Use QQ space earn traffic God fly teach


method is the last year a netizen to teach, but he also earn money, I put the method way, I hope that God will not blame me to fly, he is doing the local building materials site, mainly in the decoration of the house, the first time on his website startled me, the home page is all advertising. Monthly income of 100 thousand, mainly to help people build websites and businesses advertising. In fact, his site traffic is not much. Hope that the industry has a certain site traffic station, all out to run business. read more

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Returnees who can enjoy preferential policies

when the business has become a trend, overseas Chinese are increasingly favored to return to invest. Compared to the Chinese entrepreneurs, returnees can be described as a lot of advantages, not only to learn the experience and skills of foreign countries, the return of entrepreneurship can also enjoy preferential policies provided by the government.

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What are the customer psychology

want to sell products to customers, but even the customer in the end what kind of psychology is not high definition, but also to talk about the right way to do business, access to customer recognition? In fact, doing business is a process of love, so that users find you, understand you, fall in love with you. Some people say that this is obviously thoughtless, actually perform up to more complex.

and the key point in this process is the user, as long as the psychological and user related, then it will affect their purchase decisions. As a seller of you, you should understand what consumers think inside. read more

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